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Now Live: Tymora's Gift

By Akromatik | Thu 12 Feb 2015 10:00:00 AM PST

Impressed by the bravery of the citizens of Neverwinter, Tymora, the goddess of luck and victory, is showering the Sword Coast with gifts! These rewards have a random chance to drop from slain enemies and can contain a wide variety of items. This time, however, Lady Luck included something extra inside!

Tymora’s Gift Begins: February 12th 10AM PST (When is this for you?)

Tymora’s Gift Ends: February 16th 10AM PST (When is this for you?)

Tymora has sent one of her disciples, a Luckbringer, to the events dais in Protector’s Enclave to trade the beautifully armored Amphail Barding Horse for 40 small, gold tokens called Favors of Tymora.

Single Favors of Tymora can be found in the Gifts of Tymora that players find on defeated enemies. Favors of Tymora can also be obtained with the purchase of certain Zen Market items as well.

Take a look at what items grant these blessed coins:

- Pink Dye Bottles (x4) - 3 Favors of Tymora

- Purple Dye Bottles (x4) - 1 Favor of Tymora

- Red Dye Bottles (x4) - 1 Favor of Tymora

- Sunite Heart Dye Pack (x4) - 4 Favors of Tymora

- Courtesan's Wear - 20 Favors of Tymora

- Wedding Attire - 40 Favors of Tymora

- Blood Ruby - 20 Favors of Tymora

- Blood Ruby Pack - 40 Favors of Tymora

These items are the perfect Valentine's Day gift for yourself or that special someone in your life! Remember, you only need 40 Favors of Tymora to get the Amphail Barding Horse.

Take a gander at the gorgeous gifts you can receive from Lady Luck:

Fools Crown – You’ll be the talk of the town in this fancy crown! Folks will eventually figure out that it’s just a replica of the Crown of Neverwinter, but the initial reactions will be priceless.

Lucky Coin – This little coin has gotten many adventurers out of a pinch. Pop it into a potion slot and give it a toss for a random buff!

Rough Astral Diamonds – Whoever said “All that glitters is gold” probably never got their hands on some Astral Diamonds. This crystalline currency can be used in the Auction House and Wondrous Bazaar. They can also be used to speed up Professions and Companion training.

Tymora’s Blessing Enchantment – This pretty, pink enchantments have one gorgeous effect. When put into a utility slot on a piece of equipment, they grant you a chance to find a Hidden Pouch on a fallen foe. These pouches can contain anything from gold to refining stones!

Profession Resources – Looking for that one last Mining Claim or Dragon Egg you need? If Tymora is truly with you, your search might be over! A plethora of Professions Resources also await you within the Gifts of Tymora.

Potions – Level-appropriate potions can also be found within the shiny confines of Tymora’s gifts! There’s also a chance for divine potions to appear for level 60 adventurers!

Feeling lucky this weekend? We sure are! May Tymora be with you in all your adventurers!

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