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The Winter Festival of Simril Has Begun!

By Akromatik | Thu 18 Dec 2014 09:59:51 AM PST

Nestled within the rolling slopes of Starmetal Hill, the quaint mountain village of Twilight Tor is blessed with a crystal-clear view of the heavens each night. These clear nights draw in all manner of astrologers, diviners, and stargazers. The village has gained a reputation as one of the best places to appreciate the stars, which makes it the perfect place for a Simril celebration! In keeping with the tradition that Simril be a time of joy and camaraderie, the mayor of Twilight Tor has invited the citizens of Neverwinter to join him for a 3 week celebration!

Winter Festival Begins: December 18 at 10:00 AM (PST) (When is this for you?)

Winter Festival Ends: January 8 at 10:00 AM (PST) (When is this for you?)

Gift-giving and surprises are two ways to spread the Simril spirit. Every day during the festival, visit the Starlight Giftmaster in Twilight Tor to get a Starlight Voucher. This brightly colored piece of paper entitles you to 1 free Starlight Parcel from the Zen Market. A wide variety of prizes can be found in the Starlight Parcel and the chance for even rarer items to appear increases with each one you open!

Take a look at some of the rewards you can obtain during the festival:

Sparkling Weapon Transmutes:

Adventurers can also look forward to:

-Dappled Riding Horse Mount

-Ice Sprite Companion

-Cozy Winter Scarves

-and many more!

During the winter, the long, winding river that runs through Twilight Tor freezes over, making it the perfect place for a slalom race! In the Twilight Run slalom race, you’ll be able to race against your friends to see who rules the race track when it comes to slipping and sliding towards victory. You can race multiple times a day to rack up more points and earn Lights of Simril to trade for wintry rewards! You can participate in the race on foot or on a mount of your choosing.

Twilight Tor is also home to Lake Glorfindar, a lake known for its excellent ice fishing. Adventurers will be able to catch a variety of fish to trade in for Lights of Simril. In addition to the open fishing sessions, a fishing contest is often held as part of the Simril celebration. Compete against your friends to see who can get the highest score before time runs out!

There are many different kinds of rods and lures to be obtained throughout the event, each with its own unique benefit. One example of a particularly useful lure would be the Sabiki Rig. Having been crafted on the eastern island of Kozakura, the Sabiki Rig is known among ice fishermen for being an excellent way to catch the elusive Candlefish. Not only that, the numerous, small hooks adorning the Sabiki lure allow fishermen to catch 6 Candlefish at once! While the Sabiki Rig can catch other types of fish as well, it will only catch Candlefish in groups of 6 and only one of those caught Candlefish will count toward your fishing contest points. Once applied to a fishing rod, the Sabiki Rig grants its user 12 minutes of uncanny luck when it comes to landing Candlefish. These exotic and beautiful lures can be found in Starlight Parcels as well as the Zen Market.

Twilight Tor is not without its problems. Ice trolls, Frost Goblins, and Rimefire Golems have been making trouble on the outskirts of town. Rather than worry about such things, the citizens of Twilight Tor have decided to turn dealing with these intruders into a game! The Monsters on Ice event tasks adventurers with defeating as many of the marauding monsters as they can in a certain amount of time. The twist here is that you’ll be slipping around on icy terrain! Whoever achieves the highest kill score in the set time wins. Adventurers can still go and fight the monsters in this area, even when the contest is not active.

It wouldn’t be a Simril celebration in Twilight Tor without Stargazing. Luckily, the local astrologer has a powerful telescope that will let you glimpse the heavens and potentially receive a blessing from the stars above. The astrologer will also provide you with a daily fortune. These contain special Lore Journal entries and in some cases, special blessings.

The villagers of Twilight Tor understand that an adventurer’s life is busy and fast-paced, which is why they have prepared care packages for adventures on the go. The Bounty of Simril contains 350 Lights of Simril and 1 Star of Fortune and can be found in the Zen Market.

Adventurers can also look forward to a special Simril-themed Sword Coast Adventures dungeon as well as a special profession for the Winter Festival: Simril Lightcrafting. In this profession, you can a recruit Master of Light to construct a plethora of Simril treats from fireworks to fishing rods.

The Winter Festival has come to Neverwinter, so grab your warmest cloak and come join the revelry in Twilight Tor!

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