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Rise of Tiamat: Coming November 18th!

By DwightMC | Tue 28 Oct 2014 10:00:00 AM PDT

We’re excited to announce that the epic battle against Tiamat and her minions will begin on November 18 with the release of Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat.

Leading to the culmination of the Season of Dragons, Rise of Tiamat follows the events of the Tyranny of Dragons and the Siege of Neverwinter event. As the Cult of the Dragon look to resurrect the five-headed draconic goddess Tiamat from the Nine Hells, adventurers must band together to prevent the catastrophic takeover of the city of Neverwinter. Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat complements the storyline in the new tabletop adventure module from Wizards of the Coast, allowing for even more fan interaction with the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

This is one of the biggest challenges adventurers will face and we can’t wait for everyone to take on Tiamat when it releases on November 18. Be sure to check back with us as we will have more details about the upcoming content expansion in the coming weeks. Make sure to check out our previews of the upcoming Class Balancing changes and the new Scourge Warlock paragon path.

Are you excited for the next module? Let us know on the official Neverwinter Forums.

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