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Lair of Lostmauth Guide Part 2

By DwightMC | Mon 06 Oct 2014 10:06:00 AM PDT

Lostmauth can be a challenging battle, but if you know his attacks the battle is much more manageable. In the second part of our Lair of Lostmauth guide, we break down all of Lostmauth’s attacks and mechanics. 

Attacks and Mechanics:

@100% Health

Fire Breath: An iconic attack of the red dragon, Lostmauth will let loose a scalding stream of fire that will melt anyone caught in it in a second. Deals heavy damage with the potential to push you back into the molten gold.

Fire Burst: This move is present throughout the entire fight and will be one of Lostmauth’s main attacks. It comes out lightning fast and spreads over the entire arena. Deals light damage but is almost constantly present so be careful.

Tail Swipe: A mighty swipe behind Lostmauth that can heavily damage unsuspecting players.

Bite: Quick snap in front that deals medium damage.


Fireball Hazards Start: Multiple fireballs are summoned and spiral around Lostmauth. These fireballs may not hit for much damage, but they have a very large knockback effect and can easily disrupt planning. Be very careful to avoid them or you may end up in the pools of gold surrounding the arena.

Fire Claw Strike: A quick claw swipe that sends out a burst of fire. This move can hit targets that are close by and far away from him.

Fire Field: Releases a fireball that travels to a location and leaves a burning area on the ground. This area lasts for 25 seconds and deals damage over time.


Wing Buffet: Lostmauth rises into the air and causes a large gust of wind that will heavily damage anyone in a large area around him as well as send you flying.

Dragon’s Roar: A fierce roar that stuns all targets around him for a brief period of time.


Environmental Obstacles: At this point, stalactites will begin to fall and hit anyone standing under them. Watch the two red splats; once the inner one reaches the outer, the stalactite will drop. These will deal light damage but can be a problem since they can disrupt you while you attack. Lostmauth will also begin to submerge certain portions of the arena in molten gold. You can tell which ones are about to be covered by looking for the red outlines on the zone of the arena that appear for 6 seconds before the attack. Players caught in the gold will have the Molten Gold debuff and take damage while they are in it. While not an instant kill, you would be wise to avoid it as much as possible.

Rain of Fire: Similar to the Fire Field attack, this move causes smaller but many more Fire Fields around the arena. They will start spreading across the arena but will become more clustered as the fight goes on.


Eye Laser: Lostmauth singles out a target and begins tracking his eye laser on them. This tracking will last for a few seconds before blasting the target for heavy, near fatal damage. This attack can be blocked by the Guardian Fighter’s Guard ability and can also be intercepted by another player, though this is more difficult than it sounds since there is always another attack going on as well.


Field of Gold: Lostmauth will flood the entire field in molten gold. You will have no choice but to just try to survive using healing potions and skills to endure through the attack.

Lostmauth now begins submerging 2 zones in gold.


After flooding the area, Lostmauth will fly into the air, giving you time to heal and get your buffs renewed before he returns. During this time, you can still be hit by falling debris so be careful while you get ready.


Towards the end of the fight, Lostmauth will now begin to submerge 3 zones in molten gold. This will cover a whopping 60% of the arena and can be difficult to navigate.


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