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Lair of Lostmauth Guide

By DwightMC | Mon 06 Oct 2014 10:03:00 AM PDT

Lair of Lostmauth Walkthrough

Lostmauth Guide written by two members of our awesome QA Team: StrumSlinger and Maglebeast

One of the three red dragon lords of Tuern that claimed the underground temple as his lair, which was built by seafaring barbarians of Tuern in service to him. As a red dragon, his greed and vanity manifest in his throne room with glorious mounds of gold coins and molten gold snaking through – a courageous yet foolish thief’s dream. But what does Severin want with Lostmauth? Do you dare to find out?

Useful Information:

  • The arena itself is small, making it difficult to avoid attacks. You’ll have to be aware of your surroundings unless you want to end up one of Lostmauth’s meals.
  • Though Lostmauth has no true “minions” in this fight, the various amounts of hazards might be even worse, as they won’t disappear at the slash of a sword. By far the most troublesome are the fireballs that come from the sides of the stage due to their ability to knock an adventurer back.
  • Using the Fang, Scales, and Claw of Bahamut will help you out in the long run. Artifact-wise, Kessell’s Spheres of Annihilation are quite effective due to the number of spheres that hit Lostmauth’s hulking figure.
  • Easter Egg: The molten gold around the platform will not damage you once Lostmauth is killed so feel free to find out what it’s like to swim in blazing hot gold.


Class Specific Strategies:

Guardian FighterExpect to have the wind knocked out of you left and right as you desperately try to block the entire kitchen sink Lostmauth throws at you. Being the slowest class, you’ll get the chance to make a lot of new friends in the form of fireballs. When Lostmauth starts to use his draconic gaze ability, your job is to get in the way and either block or act as a meat shield, so keep your eyes peeled. Even though Lostmauth doesn’t move it won’t be easy to keep him targeting you, but that is your goal throughout the fight.

Recommended Skills:

  • Iron Warrior: A Hail Mary card in desperate situations.
  • Into the Fray: The amount of AoE attacks you’ll need to dodge makes the Run Speed buff all the more useful.
  • Supremacy of Steel: We would choose this over Knight’s Challenge, as Lostmauth can do enough damage to kill you in one hit if he doubled his damage. With Supremacy of Steel, you can at least do a portion of that damage back to him.


Great Weapon Fighter Unstoppable is your best friend.  Pummel Lostmauth with single target attacks while Sprinting around each AoE attack. Pretty straightforward.

Recommended Skills:

  • Restoring Strike: A nice single target attack that can heal a small portion of your health that was probably kidnapped by a fleeting fireball or stalactite.
  • Flourish: One of the better single target attacks. Its speed might be a problem, but you’re a GWF. You should have enough HP to survive at least one attack.
  • Indomitable Battle Strike: A quick whopping dealing massive damage!


Devoted ClericGood luck, brave acolyte! With everyone running around like headless chickens, as a support class, you will have your hands full. Avoid any power that has you standing in the same spot for more than a second (like Bastion of Health). Astral Shield might not be a good choice for this fight, but if you are great at placement, then by all means feel free to use it.

Recommended Skills:

  • Divine Glow: The small battlefield means a higher chance to buff your party members.
  • Forgemaster’s Flame: Same with Divine Glow, but with healing instead.
  • Sacred Flame: A more consistent AoE heal you can throw out whenever.
  • Hallowed Ground: Due to the gigantic range of this Daily, this should cover virtually the entire platform or at least half of it.

Trickster Rogue Much like the GWF, you’re pure DPS. Use as many single-target heavy hitting attacks. Unlike the GWF, you’re pretty squishy and don’t have Unstoppable so don’t go running in blindly. Not like you would anyways; you’re a Rogue! There’s quite a few ways to avoid AoEs in your arsenal of powers, but they’re not all worth the risk or payoff.

Recommended Skills:

  • Wicked Reminder: Great for the whole party when a Rogue is usually greedy.
  • Lashing Blade: Your main damage-dealing power. Use it in Stealth whenever possible.
  • Shadow Strike: Builds Stealth, which means you can technically throw out two Lashing Blades in a row.
  • Lurker’s Assault: Increases damage and Stealth regeneration. Sounds like Rogue heaven!


Control WizardControl Wizards can deal ridiculous amounts of damage either by utilizing Smolder and Rimefire or lightning passives. Chill is virtually useless as Lostmauth neither freezes or moves, but it might be worth it for Rimefire. A CW can just blindly shoot off their single-target spells and avoid the AoEs. You’d be surprised at how much periodic damage is dealt.

Recommended Skills:

  • Ice Knife: Fire this off as much as you can. It’s awesome.
  • Ray of Enfeeblement: Use this in Spell Mastery to help not only yourself, but your entire party.
  • Icy Rays: Since both the rune and the target will be Lostmauth, this will be particularly effective.
  • Shard of the Endless Avalanche: Even if you miss, the mere size of Lostmauth means you might hit him when the shard explodes.


Hunter RangerWith nowhere far to run and long startup times for powers, a HR might have some trouble with Lostmauth. You might find a safe spot to fire off a power, but get knocked by a fireball from behind and get interrupted; all those precious seconds wasted! I’d avoid Aimed Shot, Marauder’s Escape, and Hawk Shot. Grasping Roots also don’t work on Lostmauth, but it’s not like he moves anyways.

Recommended Skills:

  • Rapid Shot: Probably your best At-Will because it’s…rapid.
  • Cold Steel Hurricane: Like the other dragons, the orbs from this power will hit Lostmauth multiple times.
  • Fox’s Cunning and Shift: A free dodge and quick damage.
  • Rain of Arrows: Since Lostmauth doesn’t move, this is pretty good, but the startup might be a problem.


Scourge WarlockStill a somewhat new class, there are numerous ways to go about fighting Lostmauth with a SW. Obviously, don’t use anything that requires the death of an enemy like Dark Spiral Aura or Dark One’s Blessing. Focusing on Soul Puppets might not benefit you as well as a Soul Puppet will most likely die very fast due to the fact that it can’t dodge willingly. Keep your Curse on him at all times and suck his life away with single target spells.

Recommended Skills:

  • Vampiric Embrace: A Hail Mary card in case you get hit.
  • Flames of Phlegethos: One of the better single target Dailies.
  • Warlock’s Bargain: A hit or miss. If you’re not great at dodging or are slightly masochistic, this is the power for you.
  • Killing Flames: Though you won’t spawn a Soul Puppet, this still deals decent damage, especially when Lostmauth’s HP is low.


Head onto the second part of our Lostmauth Guide to learn about its Attacks and Mechanics. 

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