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Last Chance: Tyrannical Lockbox

By DwightMC | Tue 30 Sep 2014 03:16:00 PM PDT

Update: Attention adventurers, this Thursday we will be releasing a brand new lockbox filled with amazing new items. We will have more details about the new lockbox soon so keep an eye out for that. What does this mean for exiting Tyrannical Lockboxes on Thursday? You will still have them to sell on the Auction House or open - up to you! Starting 10/2 at 7 am PDT, the Tyrannical Lockbox will no longer drop so take time now to collect as many as you can before time runs out! 

Now that Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons is live in Neverwinter, be sure to start your new adventure with the Scourge Warlock and take on the numerous dragons in the new heroic encounters! As you play through the new campaign, be on the lookout for the new Tyrannical Lockbox featuring a brand new Legendary mount and many items to aid you in your quest to defeat the powerful dragons. Open Tyrannical Lockboxes now and you can be rewarded with the newest treasures to better prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead in Neverwinter.

Don't forget that each lockbox requires its own Enchanted Key before you can reveal what's inside. You can find Enchanted Keys in the Zen Market by pressing 'Y'.

Enchanted Keys

If you haven't opened a Lockbox in the past, open up a Tyrannical Lockbox and see what rewards you can receive:

Imperial Rage Drake – The newest legendary mount to appear in Neverwinter, this extremely rare drake was created for an exclusively for the aristocracy of the Dragon Empire. Featuring brightly detailed glow channels and markings with large pronounced fins on its body, this drake is a wondrous and powerful construct fit for any adventure. Don’t miss out on your chance to own this irreplaceable mount!

Rage Drake– The standard drakes were originally created to serve as guardians or pets in the ancient Dragon Empire. Now that the formula has been rediscovered these powerful beasts are in high demand from those looking for a more intimidating mount.

Oghma’s Token of Free Movement Artifact – This small token, blessed by Oghma, can lend inspiration for escaping from bad situations. Once used it releases an AOE attack around you, removes CCs and gives you CC resistance. This is the perfect item for PvP and general adventuring in the Forgotten Realms.

Use: Removes control effects other than knock or prone, deals 725 damage to nearby enemies, and makes you immune control effects for 4 seconds (1 second +1 per Rank).

Equip: +183 Critical Strike

Equip: +300 Deflection

Equip: +166 Control Resist

Tyrant’s Artifact Provisions Pack – Refining stones are a key component used to upgrade Artifacts during the Refinement process. With this pack you’ll get a Greater Refining Stone, Refining Stone and Lesser Refining Stone, and one of the following: Water of Elah’zad (Artifact), Aurora’s Whhole Realms Catalogue (Artifact), Lantern of Revelation (Artifact), Girdle of Strength (Artifact Gear), Plated Band of Constitution (Artifact Gear), Twined Rope of Dexterity (Artifact Gear), Owlbear Leather Belt of Intelligence (Artifact Gear), Belt of Wisdom (Artifact Gear), Sash of Charisma (Artifact Gear), and Lesser Refining Stone.

Draconic Strongbox of Enchantments  Players will have a chance to earn a permanent Draconic enchantments along with other enchants featured in previous lockboxes. This pack contains one of the following: Greater mark of Potency, 1 or 2 Mark of Potency and one of the following: Brilliant Diamond, Blood Ruby, Lesser Indomitable Runestone, Lesser Tenebrous Enchantment, Lesser Plague Fire Enchantment, Rank 7 Enchantment, Rank 7 Draconic Enchantment, Flawless Sapphire, 1 or 2 Rank 5 or 6 Enchantments.

Silvery Dragon Scale – While not an actual dragon scale, these faux scales are indeed made of real silver and can be traded into the Dragon Scale Merchant for valuable goods. Players can collect this new item and trade it in for special items such as the Psuedodragon companion, Red Dragon Iounstone, along with a Rank 5 Draconic Enchantment and special Dragonscale dye packs. Head in-game and search for the merchant in the Hall of Justice.

Companion Fortification Kit –  Items from the companion kit can be used to strengthen your companion’s effectiveness in battle. Notably, you will have a chance to gain a companion upgrade token which can help you upgrade your companion to Max level 30. This pack contains one of the following: Companion upgrade token, Lesser Bonding Runestone, Eldritch Runestone, 3 Rare Runestones, and a Tome of Companion Experience.

Black Ice Shaping Special Pack – This pack contains useful profession items to aid you with your profession tasks. Contains people, tools and resources used in full 20 rank Professions:

1 Epic, Rare, Uncommon profession asset.

1 Rare Profession item.

1 Epic, Rare or Uncommon Profession item.  

Trade Bar Jackpot – Get yourself a greater chance to obtain Tarmalune Trade Bars in large numbers!  

Black Ice Shaping Special Pack – This special pack contains Black Ice Shaping assets that will aid adventurers in their quest to complete the rarest of profession tasks. This pack contains:

1 Epic, Rare, or Uncommon Black Ice Shaping Asset. 1 Uncommon Black Ice Shaping Asset. 1 Uncommon Black Ice Shaping Resource or 250 Black Ice.

What rare items are you looking forward to receiving? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter page using #TyrannyofDragons. 

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