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Mercenary Contracts and Account Shared Bank

By DwightMC
Wed 23 Apr 2014 10:00:00 AM PDT

The two new opposing groups being introduced with Module 3: Curse of Icewind Dale will serve as the basis of the conflict over Black Ice. As players start their adventurers in Icewind Dale, they are thrown into the conflict to collect the new and powerful resource. Players must choose between two opposing forces, each with their own reasons for collecting Black Ice, each group offering Mercenary Contracts to further their cause. 

The Ten-Towners are united in the belief that if profit is to be made from Black Ice, then it should be made by those who have long endured all the bleak northern lands. The Arcane Brotherhood seek to improve their reputation while maintaining that the quest for Black Ice is merely for knowledge. Though both present different reasons for collecting the substance, both groups will call upon adventurers to assist them in their battle for Black Ice.

Anara the Cerulean Represents the Arcane Brotherhood

Once players have chosen either the Ten-Towners or the Arcane Brotherhood, they will be flagged with the group’s sigil and each group leader will offer contracts that can be completed daily. The contracts all revolve around furthering the goal of the group at large. Along with collecting Black Ice, players will be tasked with challenging quests that will send them to Icewind Pass and Dwarven Valley fighting the powerful creatures that have been corrupted by the new resource. Each contract will reward players with campaign items, along with Black Ice, to further their own goals towards creating a full Black Ice armor set (more on that later). 

The group that players chose to sign a contract with will only be temporary and can be changed at any time; however the mercenary contracts players complete cannot be completed again until the next day. Furthermore, the group the players chose to align with will dictate which side of the battlefield they will be on during the PvP campaign portions of the new zones. As adventurers attempt to complete the contracts, they will need to be aware of the other group members aiming to prevent them from furthering the cause of their group.

Bryn Shander Represents the Ten-Towners

As players adventure through the new zones completing contracts, there will be many rewards to claim which is why we will be introducing Account Shared Banks. We’ve received much feedback from players requesting this feature and we are excited to be able to offer this to adventurers in the upcoming expansion. The Account Shared Bank is new inventory space where players can share items across characters, eliminating the need to mail items to other characters.

We can’t wait for players to experience the new Mercenary Contracts and the new challenges that await in Icewind Dale. Will you join the Arcane Brotherhood to further their knowledge of the arcane powers or will aid the Ten-Towners in their search for prosperity? Let us know in the official Neverwinter Forums.

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