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A New World of Enchantment

By Ambassador Kael | Mon 15 Apr 2024 08:00:00 AM PDT

Welcome to a new level of enchantment, Adventurers. Welcome to…Celestial!

Starting with the launch of Adventures in Wildspace, players will be able to achieve a brand new rank for their enchantments, Celestial. This rank will be higher than the current max rank, Mythic, and will raise your item level by another 300, with proportionate stats. With this update, we are also lowering the costs of the previously available ranks, making it even easier to start with enchantments, and to upgrade the enchantments you may already have. Here’s a quick breakdown of the change in costs:


Current Cost

Updated Cost


100k Astral Diamonds

50k Astral Diamonds

Uncommon to Rare

100k RP, 3 glyphs, 5 gold

20k RP, 1 glyph, 2 gold

Rare to Epic

200k RP, 4 glyphs, 10 gold

60k RP, 2 glyphs, 4 gold

Epic to Legendary

300K RP, 5 glyphs, 15 gold

150k RP, 3 glyphs, 8 gold

Legendary to Mythic

400k RP, 6 glyphs, 20 gold

300k RP, 4 glyphs, 15 gold

Mythic to Celestial


400k RP, 6 glyphs, 20 gold


The overall cost to upgrade has gone down, and we’re also raising the amount of RP you get when you salvage an enchantment. However, you can only upgrade Mythic Enchantments that you receive from the Rewards Claim Agent. These Celestial Enchatments, just like their Mythic forebears, can be turned in to the Rewards Claim Agent for an account unlocked version.

We’re also making some changes to how Mount Collars work in this upcoming update. Upgrading from Rare to Epic, and from Epic to Legendary, will now cost less Greater Shards of Empowerment and Insignia Powder. For example, upgrading a Collar from Rare to Epic used to cost 50 Greater Shards of Empowerment and 750 Insignia Powder, now it will cost 30 Greater Shards of Empowerment and 500 Insignia Powder. In addition, we’ve upgraded the combined rating of most Collars in the game (except for the few that were already at 100%) to be 90% of your Item Level, making them a much more powerful and versatile tool.

We hope you enjoy these changes, Adventurers!


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