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The Winter Festival of Simril!

By Fero | Fri 08 Dec 2023 07:00:00 AM PST

The Winter Festival of Simril returns to Neverwinter! The village of Twilight Tor will once again serve as host to merry-making Adventurers who wish to partake in this seasonal event!

The festival starts on Thursday, December 14 at 7:30am PT
The festival comes to an end on Thursday, January 4 at 7:30am PT


For those that feel the need for speed, the Twilight Run offers adventurers an exhilarating sled race through the snowy mountains. 

If racing isn’t you style, reel it in with Ice Fishing! As of 2018, the Fishing event has been updated to align with the fishing introduced in Sea of Moving Ice. Previous years’ Winter Event fishing were deprecated in 2021 and players can exchange them for a new rod or turn them in for motes of light to upgrade to a better version if they already have a better rod from SoMI.

Returning this year are 4 Vanity Pets that can be earned from Winter Fishing: Red Fish, Blue Fish, Green Fish, and Gold Fish.

Want to be festively heroic? The monsters glide their way back to the Winter Festival! Stop the threat of The Monsters on Ice event and protect the citizens of Twilight Tor!

With the dazzling wintry skies of Twilight Tor, players can also stargaze and gain buffs!

Note: With the introduction of the new profession in 2018, Simril Lightcrafting has been removed as a profession. Players can locate Yimril Starheart, a contact in the fishing area of Twilight Tor, that will perform the old lightcrafting tasks for the same (or less) material cost.

Finally, groups of adventures can gather ‘round and release Gifts of Simril for a beautiful and rewarding lightshow. These gifts can contain Lights of Simril, Stars of Fortune, and Starlight Bags that include character bound versions of Starlight Parcel rewards.


Starlight Parcels

The Starlight Giftmaster, Faihlyn Silverminer, will once again be awarding a Starlight Parcel voucher each day of the event for players level 15 and up. Players can turn this voucher into the Zen Market for a Starlight Parcel. For the Adventurers who like to treat themselves, the Simril Starlight Pack (20 Starlight Parcels & 14 days of VIP) and the Starlight Parcel can be purchased in the Zen Market.

Starlight Parcels contain a myriad of winter rewards and items from past events including thrones, companions, fashion, and more! Once again, additional items from past years have been added to the list of potential rewards.

Vendor Rewards

The Light of Simril and Star of Fortune traders offer a variety of rewards, from fashion, weapon transmutes, companions, and mounts. Some of the items available include:

*NEW* Reclusive Rothé – A gentle and reclusive creature by nature, this powerful rothé will nonetheless transform into a fearless combatant when cornered. This mount can be purchased at the Star of Fortune Trader. 

*NEW* Riotous Rothé – This tiny rothé calf looks to you as its parent. Although it can’t carry as much as a powerful adult, it is always eager to be by your side. This companion can be purchased at the Light of Simril Trader.

*NEW* Starlight Fashion – Dress up for the Simril Festivities in this functional and fashionable new fashion set!

Baby Displacer Beast – This companion can be purchased at the Light of Simril Trader.

Frozen Gorgon Mount – This mount can be purchased at the Star of Fortune Trader.

Broom of Twilight This chill mount can be purchased at the Star of Fortune Trader.

Slugs Vanity PetsSlugs can be purchased at the Light of Simril Trader.

Assorted Transmutes – Find your Winter style with winter cloak, scarf, and weapon transmutes at the Light of Simril Trader!

Several previous years’ Star of Fortune items can be found in the Zen Market. This includes the Winter Fox Companion, Winter Flail Snail, Frozen Throne, and Frost Mimic.

If you're looking for one of the coolest events of the year, come on up to Twilight Tor and celebrate at The Winter Festival!

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