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Patch Notes: Version: NW.275.20221010a.13

By Nitocris | Wed 07 Dec 2022 05:25:41 PM PST

Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • The broken achievement, 'Hardcore Skirmisher' has been fixed. Completion of the following four skirmishes in hardcore mode will once again count towards this achievement:
    • Illusionist's Gambit
    • Prophecy of Madness
    • Throne of the Dwarven Gods
    • Merchant Prince's Folly


  • Braelin’s Last Stand: Various typos have been fixed in this mission.



Combat and Powers

Band of Air

  • Band of Air’s base damage has been increased by 20%. Set bonus is unchanged.

Eilistraee's Rings

  • Eilistraee's Obligation (Maiden's Serenity) now properly grants Critical Strike to the character when equipped, and an additional 2.5% increase to Critical Severity while in combat.
  • Eilistraee Beauty (Maiden’s Advantage) no longer grants Power unless the character is in combat with two or more enemies.
  • Eilistraee's Benediction (Moonlight’s Blessing) now properly increases Combat Advantage instead of Accuracy, matching the tooltip.
  • Eilistraee's Grace (Midnight’s Malady) no longer incorrectly stacks between different sources.

Item Powers

  • Draconic Resilience: This set bonus now properly provides its stated Critical Avoidance.

Stronghold Food

  • Stronghold & Chult food items now grant more ratings, 4000 at max food rank.
  • Soups now grant Outgoing Healing instead of Everfrost Damage.



Enemies and Encounters

Epic Cragmire Crypts

  • Traven Blackdagger should no longer try to raise the roof by getting stuck in the ceiling.

Rothé Valley

  • Dassar Truebow now respawns properly.

Scalerot Caverns Weekly

  • The difficulty of the Thayan encounters in the Scalerot Caverns has been adjusted.

Temple of the Spider

  • Players no longer remain in combat after defeating the second boss.

Undermountain – Valdemar’s Lair

  • Waypoints now display correctly inside the instance.
  • Valdemar’s health has been increased to bring it in line with other instance bosses.
  • Team corral at start has been added to the lair’s entrance.
  • A new entrance has been added to the lair that is only available after the party has entered. This new entrance is not corral related.
  • A pop-up with instructions for using Temporary Power has been added.



Items and Economy


  • Simple Feast has been moved to the bottom of the Barmaid store.
  • The title “Dark Dealer” should now properly work for players who have the “Dragon Hunter” title.
  • [PlayStation Only] The Renegade Drow Race Unlock obtained from the “Way of the Drow Choice Pack” can now be properly used.


  • The Descent Lockbox, The Blood War Lockbox, and Lockbox of the Mad Mage should no longer occasionally award two items instead of three.
  • The icons for the new shirt and pants items have been updated.


  • The bind status of mount tooltips have been updated for clarity. This does not change the functionality of the impacted mounts

Vanity Pets

  • The sword apocalypse is over. The Teacup Fey Wolf no longer summons unlimited bladeworks that persist in the environment.



Character Art


  • The Dashing Chapeaus from Dashing Key Bundle no longer shave character’s hair – they now provide a temporary haircut.



User Interface


  • A few more tweaks have been made to the camera in the login / character select screen.
  • Attempting to report a player no longer has a chance to crash players’ clients on Xbox systems.
  • Calendar: Events through early May, 2023 have been scheduled. Please note that the in-game calendar will still only show events up to six weeks from the current date. As always, dates are subject to change as needed without prior notice.
  • Home Page: On PC, clicking announcements without links no longer shows a link dialog with an empty link.
  • The number of keys remaining display no longer overlaps with the “OK” button when the “Open Another” button is present in reward windows.

Guild Bank

  • Players may once again deposit and withdraw gold from the Guild Bank.


  • Players who still had multiple Battle Horns or both Forger's Box and Chain of Scales equipped should now have those items unequipped and their loadouts fixed.





  • All localized text in French, German, Italian, and Russian locales is now up-to-date as of November 7, 2022.


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