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Patch Notes: Version: NW.270.20221004c.5

By Nitocris | Wed 19 Oct 2022 07:17:57 PM PDT


Issues seen only on Xbox platforms

  • The size of this and future patches should now be much more reasonable.
  • Holding a directional button for an extended period of time in menus now properly scrolls while you keep the button held.


Release Notes


Upcoming Events

Masquerade of Liars

  • Players are no longer able to gather treats from spectral tricksters when they’re not on the quest, or have the quest complete and ready for turn-in.
  • Players can no longer be teleported onto a rooftop that leads to a hole in the world when tricked by a spectral trickster.
  • Visage of Roots, Visage of Maize, and Visage of the Moon are no longer partially overridden by fashion items, which would cause these to look mismatched.




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