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Increased Elemental Strands!

By Nitocris | Tue 27 Sep 2022 07:00:00 AM PDT

Improve Dragon Hunt Modifiers with a brand new event! Enemies in certain zones will award more Elemental Strands per drop than usual during this time. Elemental Strands can also be used to purchase gear from the Dragonslayer Campaign.

Event begins Thursday, September 29 at 7:30am PT

Event ends Thursday, October 6 at 7:30am PT

The different Elemental Strands are:

  • Decayed (found in swampy and decrepit regions)
  • Frozen (found in snowy regions)
  • Verdant (found in lush and forest regions)
  • Crackling (found in sandy and stormy regions)
  • Charred (found in volcanic regions)

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