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Patch Notes: Version: NW.137.2022522a.7

By Nitocris | Tue 14 Jun 2022 12:12:28 AM PDT

Feature Highlights


Dragon Hunts

After a burst of magic from the Scaleblight Mythal tore the Weave, chromatic dragons across the Sword Coast have begun to rampage. Fight alongside Smerdiuk Dragonsbane and his band of dragon hunters, lest the draconic rage leave the region in ruin!

To begin this storyline, talk to Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave and accept the quest, On the Hunt. You must be level 20 and have an Item Level of 18,000 or higher to accept the quest.

Further information at: Developer Blog: Dragon Hunts!



Tyranny of Dragons Epic Adventure

The classic campaign, Tyranny of Dragons, has been streamlined into an Epic Adventure. Available starting at Item Level 35,000, this adventure now has seven major story steps, and no longer requires rare drops for boons.

Characters who had already completed the campaign should be able to complete the adventure upon logging in, and receive any Boon Points they had not yet claimed. 

Further information at: Developer Blog: ToD Epic Adventure



Trial Updates

The Tiamat trial has been updated with new mechanics and rewards! Face the queen of evil dragons as she attempts to ascend from the Nine Hells to subjugate Faerûn. 

The Master difficulty versions of Zariel’s Challenge and Tower of the Mad Mage have also both increased in difficulty for a more consistent experience when running hard mode Trials. 

Crown of Keldegonn Normal Difficulty is now available, too. 

Demogorgon is undergoing final changes to improve approachability, and is currently unavailable for play. More news to come!

Further information at: Developer Blog: Rise of Tiamat Rework



End-of-Queue Reward Update

The chests at the end of queued content are now significantly more rewarding! Rough Astral Diamond rewards have significantly increased for all but Trials, which have seen a minor reduction. New Player Bonus RAD rewards have also greatly increased for all categories of queue. 

Maximum chest rerolls has been lowered to 2, down from 4, and reroll cost has increased to 10,000 Astral Diamonds, up from 5,000—But the drop rates for loot and premium rewards on the initial open has greatly increased as a result. The Dungeon Delvers Delights event still further boosts drop rates, but no longer outright doubles them. 

Further information at: May 6th Systems Stream VOD & Presentation

YouTube version, English language: Driftwood Tavern Presents: Lassor's System Stuff!



Lockbox Update

Starting with the Dragon Cult Lockbox, first available with the release of Dragonslayer, the lockbox inspect and open interfaces have a brand-new look—and a brand new flow! One item is granted per open, and the odds to receive each item are now displayed on the lockbox’s tooltip.

In addition, after opening a certain number of lockboxes, players will automatically receive a bonus reward in addition to their normal reward for opening the lockbox. Open enough to fill the bar and you’ll receive the grand prize! 

Further information at: Dev Blog: Dragon Cult Lockbox & Lockbox Changes



Known Issues

On PlayStation®4, we’ve seen an occasional quarter- or half-second stutter when playing certain content. In internal testing, this has proven to be relatively rare, but we understand that as the game reaches more players, there is potential that more frequent or higher-magnitude cases appear. One fix is in testing, and we’re investigating other potential causes and fixes.




Release Notes 

Content and Environment

Elemental Evil: Hard to Reach Places

  • The camera shake once again properly plays when picking up the fire seed.
  • The cultists now more consistently move their mouths when speaking in cutscenes.
  • The encounter for the air seed no longer has a chance to fail and prevent progression.

Protector’s Enclave

  • There’s now a sign over the door of the Tower of Alteration.
  • There’s now a sign over the door of the Workshop.


  • Crown of Keldegonn: The rocks around the edge of the arena are no longer quite as likely to cause strange AI behavior.

Future Events

  • Summer Festival: Sahha now swaps out the power tray when in play mode.


  • Players will no longer see a "Farewell" dialog if they happen to attempt to start the Icewind Dale campaign while already on the quest, Icewind Dale, offered by the campaign.
  • Port Nyanzaru: One of the canopies no longer has a strange looking texture.
  • The Dwarven King: Chapter 3: Throne of the Dwarven Gods: There’s no longer a strange square water plane on the minimap.
  • With the end of the Echoes of Prophecy Season Pass, the remaining quests have been removed from players.


Combat and Powers: Classes and Balance


  • Additional damage from Ballad of the Hero, Ballad of the Witch, and Aurora Fantasia will now crit when the base power they are adding to crits.
  • Healing from the Starstruck Class Feature should now be able to crit.


  • The Soulweaver Warlock Forte stat tooltip no longer incorrectly describes that Soulweavers get "Critical Awareness."


Combat and Powers: Other


  • The Icosahedron Ioun Stone companion now grants up to 7.5% Movement Speed at Mythic Quality, instead of XP.


  • The Soul Shield Combat Enchantment should now only trigger once every 60 seconds.

Item Powers

  • Ruthless Might, the power granted by Bone Devil’s Ribcage, now grants 1.5% Critical Strike and Critical Severity per stack, reduced from 2.5%. Further context for this change can be found at: Updates to Bone Devil's Ribcage



  • The Marvelous and Legendary Balloon Bombardment Combat Powers now increase incoming damage dealt to the target.
  • The Nightfire Dragonnel’s combat power now properly shows the Dragonnel instead of a drake.


Enemies and Encounters


  • Barrow Guardians no longer incorrectly have a chance to show up in Neverdeath Graveyard.


Items and Economy


  • The following artifacts now have increased Combined Rating:
    • Demogorgon's Reach
    • Neverwinter's Standard
    • Repurposed Phylactery
  • Demogorgon's Reach now properly grants Maximum Hit Points at Legendary Quality, instead of Defense.


  • "Artifacts and Gear of Dragonbone Vale" has now been renamed to "Artifacts and Gear of Dragon Slayers".
  • Artifacts: Ring of Fowl Weather now unlocks the collection entries of all lower ranks.
  • Companions: Magical Creatures of Faerûn: Golden Goat, Golden Cat, Golden Bulette Pup, and Golden Deep Crow Egg collection entries now properly have tooltips.
  • Companions: Earl the Chickenmancer collection entry now properly unlocks. Players may need to summon / unsummon him if they already have him bound to their character, or move him in their inventory if not. Tradeable versions will not unlock the Collection entry.
  • Companions: The Windsoul Genasi now properly has a collection entry. Players may need to summon / unsummon them if they already have them bound to their character, or move them in their inventory if not. Tradeable versions will not unlock the Collection entry.
  • Endgame Sets: Frostborn Gear no longer has a typo in its description, and now states that it is currently unavailable.
  • Events: The April Fowls subcategory now properly shows up year-round.
  • Mounts: Many owlbears have been added to the Beasts of the Wildlands collection, now that they can be rarely found in end-of-queue chest rewards.
  • Underdark: Dusk Armor no longer has a typo in its description, and now states that it can be earned from the Dwarven King adventure.


  • Cotton Pants can now be crafted at Tailoring Level 1 and properly grant experience points.


  • Quests from the Chasm, Icespire Peak, and the Whispering Caverns adventures now grant a Barbed Insignia of Initiative instead of Ancient Enchantments.
  • Various remaining sources of Ancient Enchantments have been adjusted. In some cases, they simply no longer drop enchantments. In others, they now drop insignias in their place.

Vendors and Exchanges

  • Antiquities Scholar
    • Ancient Frost Enchantment, Rank 8 now properly trades for a Frost Illusion.
    • Ancient Frost Enchantment, Rank 9 now properly trades for a Frost Illusion.
    • Ancient Frost Enchantment, Rank 10 now properly trades for a Frost Illusion and 20 Enchantment Medallions.
    • Arcane Dragon Key can now be traded for a Skeleton Key.
    • Dragon Queen's Key can now be traded for a Skeleton Key.
    • Mystic Dragon Key can now be traded for a Skeleton Key.
  • The companion merchant now correctly sells Wererat Thief Companion for 300 Seals of the Wild.

Zen Market

  • The Dragonborn Race Pack now contains 200 Trade Bars instead of Ancient Draconic Enchantments.
  • The Expedition Pack of Fairy Finds now contains a Fortified Nature Enchantment and a Flower Barkshield Illusion.
  • The Bard's Entourage Pack now contains a Cursed Burn Enchantment and a Floral Vorpal Illusion.
  • Moon Elf Supplies from the Moon Elf Race Pack now grants a Bound to Character Loamweave Illusion instead of an Ancient Enchantment.


  • Certain “DUMMY ITEM” items have been properly renamed to Ancient Bloodtheft Enchantment Shard and Ancient Briartwine Enchantment Shard.
  • Summer Festival Fashion: Chef’s Whites have been renamed to Chef’s Pants.


User Interface


  • Interactions with requirements now show checkboxes if their requirements are complete.

Items and Inventory

  • Non-Artifact items in Item Sets now show their set’s image in their tooltips.


  • Adventures: The “Continue Adventure” button should no longer unexpectedly deactivate on certain adventures.
  • Quests: A few display issues with milestone quests and long reward lists have been addressed.
  • Quests: As quest sharing is not consistently supported in the current iteration of Neverwinter, the “Share” option has been removed from the quest journal.


  • The Interface option, Show Player Triggered Power Names, along with other damage floater options, has been added to the Options list for players on Xbox or PlayStation systems.

Zen Market

  • On systems that use controllers, the category list now loops when scrolling up or down past the end of the list.
  • Purchasing a Race Pack now prevents a player from consuming race unlock tokens for that race once it’s unlocked.
  • The text search element is now focused by default when opening the window.
  • VIP: The Travel Signpost is now available starting at Rank 1.


Character Art


  • Certain bard head-slot items from Descent into Avernus now display on Dragonborn.
  • Various hairstyles now properly display their previews in character creation.



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