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New Items in Zen Market!

By Nitocris | Tue 14 Jun 2022 09:42:31 AM PDT

New items are available in the Zen Market to make your way through the new Dragonslayer module!

Pack of the Dragon Hunter – Gear up to defend Neverwinter with this new pack! Included are:

  • Dragonbone Wand (artifact)
  • Dragonbone Symbol (neck)
  • Dragonbone Faulds (waist)
  • Title: The Dragon Hunter
  • Dragon Hunter’s Horns (fashion)
  • Dragon Hunter’s Garb (fashion)
  • Dragon Hunter’s Tights (fashion)
  • 15 Companion Upgrade Tokens
  • 15 Mount Upgrade Tokens
  • 200 Tarmalune Trade Bars

Note: Artifact pack is tradable with the Artifact items being BoE.


Dragon Hunter’s Key Bundle – This pack includes 20 Enchanted Keys and the Dragon Slayer’s Utility Pack which contains 3x Potion of Dragon Slaying, Rank 4 and 3x Scroll of Protection from Dragons, Rank 4.


Aasimar Race Pack – This pack includes the race unlock plus additional items to compliment your new aasimar!

  • Aasimar race
  • 1 Character Slot
  • 1 Race Reroll
  • 1 Month of VIP

Account-wide unlock

  • Celestial Wings mount
  • Soradiel companion
  • Title: The Heavensent
  • Aasimar fashion
  • Divine Bag of Holding

One time-items

  • Adventurer’s Support Pack
  • 3x Epic Insignia Choice Pack


Aasimar Race Token – For those seeking to just unlock the aasimar race, this includes the unlock race token and a race re-roll.


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