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Updates to Bone Devil's Ribcage

By Nitocris | Wed 25 May 2022 10:28:49 AM PDT

Greetings everyone,

Today’s blog is about a subject that everyone has been wondering about, especially with all of the testing and feedback received from new gear that is arriving in Neverwinter’s Dragonslayer.

Let us get right to it: we are reducing the amount of stats granted by the Ruthless Might power, found on the Bone Devil’s Rib Cage and the new Tactful Leathers of the Dragon Hunter.

Old version vs. Updated version

The bonus will now grant the following effect: When you damage or heal your target for more than 10% of your Maximum HP in a single blow, you gain 1.5% Critical Strike and Critical Severity for 15 seconds. (Max stack 5)

This is a reduction from 25% total stat gained (12.5% per stat) to 15% total stat gained (7.5% per stat).

We apologize for having to make this adjustment.

This adjustment was necessary in order for us to keep offering more you more enticing rewards without ruining the stat system. 25% stat gain, especially with strong stats for DPS, is not a maintainable standard with potential stat inflation. We will have to head towards another stat rework soon if we continued accommodating for the Bone Devil’s Ribcage.

The Bone Devil’s Ribcage will otherwise remain the same. Players will still be able to farm and sell the Bone Devil’s Ribcage, or work towards the Tactful Leathers of the Dragon Hunter by completing the Dragonslayer Campaign. Pre-Dragonslayer, the Bone Devil’s Ribcage remains the most powerful piece of body slot equipment for players to earn and trade.

These changes also afford us more flexibility to create desirable new gear, and keep them relatively balanced with respect to other items in the same equipment slot. Going forward, when making Mythic gear, we will balance them with the following baselines:

*”Up to” is the maximum that we are aiming for. The piece of gear can have slight variations depending on ease of activation, time active, etc…

Head: These pieces can grant up to ~10% in stats.

Body: These pieces can grant a large amount of stats, up to ~15% in stats. Our baseline on this used to be ~7.5%, but we are increasing this to 15% as of Dragonslayer.

Arms: These items can grant up to ~7.5% in stats.

Feet: These items can grant up to ~7.5% in stats.

Ring: These items can grant up to ~7.5% in stats.

With the clear baselines that we have now set, Mythic bordered body pieces from the Dragonslayer Campaign will offer bonuses that are much closer to the Bone Devil’s Ribcage. Here are some of those choices for your consideration:

• Rugged Mail of the Dragon Hunter: Whenever you are damaged for more than 15% of your Maximum Hit Points in a single blow, you gain 7.5% Awareness and 5% Stamina Regeneration for 10 seconds. (15 second cooldown)

• Superior Plate of the Dragon Hunter: You gain 1.5% Outgoing Healing for each player in your team. When your teammates are 20’ or closer to you, their Forte is increased by 1.5%. (7.5% Outgoing healing for yourself, 7.5% Forte for your team)

• Sharp Jacket of the Dragon Hunter: Whenever you deal damage to an enemy gain a stack of Reckless Rage, increasing your Critical Severity by 3% but decreasing your Deflect Severity by 1.5% for 5 seconds. (Max stack 5) (15% Critical Severity and -7.5% Deflect Severity)

• Mighty Cuirass of the Dragon Hunter: When you damage or heal your target for more than 10% of your Maximum HP in a single blow, you gain 1.5% Accuracy and Combat Advantage for 15 seconds. (Max stack 5) (7.5% Accuracy, 7.5% Combat Advantage)

• Serene Robes of the Dragon Hunter: For every 5 seconds you are in combat, you gain 1% Critical Strike, to the max of 12%. (Up to 12% Critical Strike)

These, along with other gear reward options found within the Dragonslayer campaign, should give you some serious considerations and new gear choices.


The Neverwinter Rewards Team


REMINDER: Information and content on Preview, including but not limited to tooltips and stats, is not final and may be subject to change.

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