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Developer Blog: Draconic Rage!

By Nitocris | Thu 14 Apr 2022 07:00:00 AM PDT


The Scaleblight Mythal caused a shift in the Sword Coast. The wildlife is restless, and reports of draconic activity are on the rise throughout the land. Roars can be heard from the mountaintops, causing the forests to shake with uncertainty. To prepare Neverwinter's brave adventurers, Lord Neverember has thrown wide the vaults of Protector's Enclave! Desirable rewards of all manner have been made available to those who would hone their craft ahead of the coming storm.

Draconic Rage Battle Pass begins Sunday, May 1 at 7:30am PT*

Draconic Rage Battle Pass ends Sunday, July 31 at 7:30am PT

*See details for each Milestone start date.


Starting May 1, 2022, willing adventurers will be able to progress the Draconic Rage Battle Pass by completing Random Queues. Each day you log in to Neverwinter, you can complete the following tasks for progress:

  • Random Trial or Random Skirmish Queue
  • Random Dungeon or Random Advanced Dungeon Queue

Miss a day? No problem! Tasks are granted each day, even if you are unable to log in that day, stacking up to three tasks max. Milestone 1 will only be active during May so make sure to run those Random Queues!


Looking for the details? Here we go!

Progress and reward claims are account wide.

  • Milestones start May 1st, June 1st, and July 1st
  • The final Milestone ends on July 31st
  • Purchase a Premium Battle Pass for 2500 Zen and unlock the premium track for all three milestones
  • If you have a premium pass, you can still complete milestones after they’re over
  • The Premium Battle Pass is available for purchase through August 31st
  • There are milestone buyouts that start at 1000 Zen per milestone. The cost is reduced by how much progress you’ve made in that milestone.
  • Progress for premium pass holders can be done through August 31st
  • Rewards must be claimed by August 31st
  • Premium Pass and Milestone Buyouts are account-wide purchases



True heroes may not need treasure, but who would say not to a glorious bounty upon slaying the dragon, or rescuing the innocent? Here are some of the rewards that can be obtained via the Draconic Rage Battle Pass! All rewards are bound to account, and can only be claimed once per account.

Milestone 1, ‘A World First’

Players who work their way through the first milestone will be rewarded with their choice of legendary mounts! Choose from the following:

  • Legendary Adolescent Deep Crow
  • Celestial Stag
  • Imperial Rage Drake
  • Legendary Reconnaissance Balloons
  • Hag’s Cooking Cauldron

Players will also earn Mount Upgrade Tokens, Collars, and Insignias.

Milestone 2, ‘Chromatic Scales’

Players who complete the second milestone will be rewarded with their choice of legendary companions! Choose from the following:

  • Mystogogue
  • Lich
  • Psuedodragon
  • Abyssal Chicken
  • Icosahedron Ioun Stone

Players will also be granted Enchanted Keys, Companion Upgrade Tokens, and Bags of Holding.


Milestone 3, ‘All That Glitters’

Brave adventurers who finish the final Milestone will be granted their choice of Enchantments and their choice of artifact:

  • Staff of Flowers
  • Charm of the Serpent
  • Trobriand’s Ring

Other rewards include Tarmalune Trade Bars, Enchanted Keys, and Reward Reroll Tokens.


Additional Details

Viewing the Campaign Interface

On PC, players can press J to open up their quest journal and navigate to the Campaign section. Pressing the bracket key ] will open up the Campaign section directly.

On Xbox, players can use the Menu button to access the Quests Interface. From here they can select the Campaigns option.

On PlayStation, players can use the Options button to access the Quests Interface. From here they can select the Campaigns option.

Players will now be able to check out each Milestone and their progress.


While the Draconic Rage Battle Pass is active, players can earn campaign currency from completing Daily Random Dungeon Queues. This currency is not located in the inventory currency tab but can instead be tracked on the Campaign portion of the Journal. This is also where the currency can be used to obtain rewards.


Misa Ganz
Lead Product Manager

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