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Patch Notes: Version: NW.131.20211003a.21

By Nitocris | Wed 08 Dec 2021 06:27:41 PM PST

Release Notes


Items and Economy


  • Corbin’s Confidence should now increase in Item Level when the Corbin Companion increases in quality.
  • Players who received the Golden companions from the Magnificently Mythic Pack should now have all the appropriate slottable companion powers.
    • In addition, they will be granted a tradeable version of the companion so that they can properly choose to either hand to another character on the account, or trade / auction it, as desired.
    • Before opening the tradeable version of this companion, we recommend that you check whether you can already reclaim the companion for free on the Reward Claims Agent or Zen Market.
  • Players who have summonable companions, but were missing their slottable companion powers, now properly have the appropriate slottable powers.


  • The following consumables are no longer usable in Reaper’s Challenge queues where the challenge is “no consumables”:
    • Mochi
    • Niangao
    • Fizzy Brew

Zen Market

  • The “50% off Improved Bag of Holding” limited discount for players with Rank 3 or higher of active VIP will now function correctly, and now runs December 9th to December 16th. The text on the event also now properly references the 60-slot version of the bag.



User Interface


  • While we’re working on more comprehensive loadout fixes in a later module, we’ve fixed an issue where a loadout swap will fail if a currently-equipped item is also in the target loadout, but that loadout has the item saved in a different slot.

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