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Limited Time Magnificent Keyring!

By Nitocris | Thu 11 Nov 2021 07:25:00 AM PST

A magnificent keyring is available for a limited time in the Zen Market! For the next week, players will get 20 free bonus Magnificent Resurgence Lockboxes when purchasing the 20 Enchanted Keys keyring.

Keyring will be available starting Thursday, November 11 at 7:30am PT 

Keyring will disappear on Thursday, November 18 at 7:30am PT 

The Magnificent Resurgence Lockboxes will include

The new Magnificently Mythic Pack includes a choice of one of the following:

  • Mythic King of Spines – Account
  • Mythic Polar Siege Bear – Account
  • Mythic Hag’s Hexing Cauldron – Account
  • Mythic Feywild Stag – Account
  • Mythic Feywild Griffon – Account
  • Mythic Noble Pegasus – Account
  • Legendary Giant Toad – Account
  • Legendary Hellfire Engine – Account
  • Legendary Adolescent Deep Crow – Account
  • Swarm – Account
  • War Triceratops – Account
  • Legendary Carpet of Flying – Account
  • Commander Tyrannosaur – Account
  • Celestial Stag – Account
  • Arcane Whirlwind – Account
  • Runeclad Manticore – Account
  • Swift Golden Lion – Account
  • Armored Griffon – Account
  • Emperor Beetle – Account
  • Black Ice Warhorse – Account
  • Tenser’s Floating Disk – Account
  • Imperial Rage Drake – Account
  • Skeleton Steed – Account
  • Armored Bulette – Account
  • Armored Axe Beak – Account
  • Armored Giant Strider – Account
  • Coastal Flail Snail – Account
  • Golden Goat Companion
  • Golden Bulette Companion
  • Golden Deep Crow Companion
  • Golden Cat Companion

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