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Echoes of Prophecy!

By Nitocris | Fri 24 Sep 2021 07:00:00 AM PDT

Dragon (PC), Lich (Xbox), and Balor (PS) Servers Start Time is 7:30am PT.
Drider (Russian PC) Server Start Time is 3:30am Moscow. 


Elminster has sent out a call across the entire Sword Coast in search of Adventurers with stoutness of heart to help uncover what is causing parts of the Weave to untangle! The name Sammaster has been whispered in the dark corners of the city as strange newcomers begin filling the streets, leading Elminster to fear something yet to be seen and far more sinister. It is up to the brave heroes of Neverwinter to participate in Elminster’s investigation, research the disturbance in the Weave, and find out who or what plots in the shadows.

Willing adventurers can enlist in the campaign by speaking with Elminster in Protector’s Enclave beginning October 1st, 2021. Progress on the Battle Pass is made by completing the quests offered by Elminster, completing daily random queues, or the weekly Legacy campaign quests! Milestone 1, A Tear in the Weave, will only be active for the month of October, so hurry!


Crave specifics?! Say no more!

Progress and most rewards are account wide.

  • Milestones Start Oct 1st, Nov 1st, Dec 1st
  • Final Milestone ends Jan 10 2022
  • Purchase a Battle Premium Pass for 2500 Zen and unlock the premium reward track for all 3 milestones
  • If you have a premium pass you can still complete milestones after they're over
  • Battle Premium Pass can be purchased up to Mar 31st 2022
  • Progress for premium pass holders can be done through Apr 30th 2022
  • There are also milestone buyouts that start at 1000 Zen per milestone. The cost is reduced by how much progress you've made in that milestone. The cost reduction is proportional to the progress made within each milestone.
  • The Premium Pass allows you to complete milestones beyond the dates stated above (Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 10) until Echoes of Prophecy ends on April 30. After that date, no more progress will be available for anyone as the campaign will go away. 
  • Rewards must be claimed before the final date of April 30, 2022.
  • Premium Pass and Milestone Buyouts are both account-wide unlock. 
  • There is no leaderboard in Echoes of Prophecy. 



No adventure is complete without treasure! Here are some of the rewards you can expect to receive for taking up arms against the enemies that beset us!

Note: Not all rewards are displayed here. Check the campaign window in-game starting October 1 for a full view of Milestone 1 Rewards!

Note 2: Reclaimable rewards (emotes, artifacts, mounts, companions, hawk) are reclaimed at the RCA. Single claim items (coal ward, reroll tokens) can only be claimed once per account. 


Milestone 1, ‘A Tear in the Weave‘

Neverwinter’s Standard Artifact (Item Level 1000): This new artifact grants you and your allies Recharge Speed and increases the damage that your foes take, and comes with a set bonus which grants a flat 3% Combat Advantage towards your percentages. 

Standard Artifact Details (click to expand)



[PREMIUM REWARD] Jewel of the North Artifact (Item Level 1000): This new artifact lunges you forward and increases the damage that foes take. The set bonus for this artifact is helpful for tanks and other roles for threat management during the heat of battle. 

Jewel of the North Artifact Details (click to expand)



Neverwintan Hawk: The Neverwintan Hawk was trained by Neverwinter’s best to attack targets faster than you can command it to. When called upon, this little hawk will deliver a powerful attack to a single target of your choice. Note: This is not a companion, it is a potion-slot item. 



Milestone 2, ‘Prophetic Retellings’

Neverwinter Knight: The Neverwinter Knight stands tall besides you to defend Neverwinter from danger. This knight bolsters you with his Neverwinter Knight’s Discipline, increasing your outgoing damage. 

Neverwinter Knight Tooltip (click to expand)



[PREMIUM REWARD] Corbin the Venerated: Corbin the Venerated joins you in combat against the evil forces of the cult. Wielding his greatsword, this combat meister charges across the battlefield and blasts his enemies with fireballs. He further bolsters you with Corbin’s Confidence, which has a chance of increasing your Recharge Speed on Encounter use. 

Corbin Tooltip (click to expand)




Milestone 3, ‘Of Dragons and Influence’

Legendary Mount Choice Pack - Includes a selection of Account-reclaimable Legendary mounts. 

[PREMIUM REWARD] Barded Neverwintan Lion: Created in Neverwinter, where it accompanies one who is truly brave. When called upon, the Barded Neverwintan Lion lets out a roar that knocks down enemies and grants you advantage over them. 

Active Combat Power: Neverwinter Armament also bolsters your Strength, Intelligence, and Charisma and increases your Maximum HP. 

Passive Equip Power: Neverwinter’s Pride grants you a mix of Combined Ratings, Critical Severity, and Forte Ratings. 


Barded Lion Tooltip (click to expand)



Additional Details

Viewing the Campaign Interface

On PC, players can press J to open up their quest journal and navigate to the Campaign section. Pressing the bracket key ] will open up the Campaign section directly.

On Xbox, players can use the Menu button to access the Quests Interface. From here they can select the Campaigns option.

On PlayStation, players can use the Options button to access the Quests Interface. From here they can select the Campaigns option.

Players will now be able to check out each Milestone and their progress.



While Echoes of Prophecy Battle Pass is active, players can earn campaign currency from playing through the storyline and completing new quests from Elminster, completing Daily Random Dungeon Queues, and Weekly Legacy Quests. This currency is NOT in the inventory currency tab but can instead be tracked on the Campaign portion of the Journal. This is also where the currency can be used to obtain rewards.



Due to changing zones required for the quests associated with this content, players may find their tracker/golden path change within the journal upon completing one quest and picking up a new one. To ensure that you are progressing through the correct quest, please look for quests that include the following icon:

Any non-repeatable quest for Echoes of Prophecy will use the above icon. For reference, below is also a list of all non-repeatable quests associated with this content:

  • A Mage Summons
  • A Subtle Curiosity
  • Woven Disturbance
  • People of Interest
  • Conversion Residue
  • Discovering the Plot
  • Not Asking Nicely
  • Digging for Answers
  • Dusty Old Books
  • It’s Old, Very Old
  • Tome of the Undead Metamagic
  • No Good Deed


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