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Patch Notes: Version: NW.131.20210803b.6

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 11 Aug 2021 10:29:59 PM PDT

Known Issues

That tutorial “option on various windows” mentioned in the module release patch notes is now properly visible, but right now the “close” button is displaying as a white square. It should still close properly if you click the white square.



Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • A variety of outdated information on various NPCs has been addressed.
  • A variety of typos have been fixed.
  • Protector’s Enclave: The Tarmalune Trade House has been adjusted to allow further construction in its area.
    • No, it is still not an actual house, but Tarmalune Trade Platform doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well. Tarmalune Trade Deck?
  • References to outdated paragon path names have been corrected.
  • Sentinel Barbarians can now go back and complete the quest, Training Day.
  • The Chasm: The strange phenomenon with parts of the world disappearing in the Chasm has been addressed.
  • Whispering Caverns: The Quest Path now properly connects the Upper Vaults with the rest of the adventure zone.
  • Vault of Stars now unlocks account-wide when unlocked.


  • Players now properly receive an achievement for reaching Level 10. This should retroactively apply to players who already reached level 10 previously.


  • Players who were stuck on the Shimmering Keys step of Five Keys to Success should now be able to progress through the quest.


  • Protector’s Garden: The garden door should, once again, be available to players who unlocked it. A review indicates that this should be the last time we see this door stuck.
  • The vendor for Coins of Waukeen no longer hangs out in the Moonstone Mask even while the event is inactive.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance: Bard

  • Performance should now work more smoothly with AZERTY keyboards, and properly allow motion to the left while in Performance mode under default keybinds.

Item Powers

  • The Gust of Wind power on the Wand of Wonders no longer knocks back CC-immune enemies.

Mount Powers

  • Rejuvenating Favor now properly states that it heals a percentage of Max HP.
  • The Tail Spin power on the Manticore no longer knocks back CC-immune enemies.

Racial Bonuses

  • Drow's Dark Fire power should now properly increase damage against critters when proc'd.
    • This power now has a 10% activation chance, up from 5%.
  • Renegade Drow's Faerie Fire power should now properly increase damage against critters, and decrease the critter's damage when procced.
    • This power now has a 10% activation chance, up from 5%.



Enemies and Encounters


  • Valindra’s Profane Fire spell no longer incorrectly deals 0 damage in certain conditions.

Infernal Citadel

  • The Hellfire Engine boss now has less health.

Lair of Lostmauth

  • The vault door guarding Lostmauth no longer opens at a wonky angle. Must’ve had hinges from the Far Realm.



Items and Economy


  • Bards should now properly be able to open the Graycloak Gear Pack.
  • Chest of Riches now properly gives 50 Seals of the Fallen.
  • Eclipse Lion can now properly be used at level 2, down from level 4.
  • Icons for various Bard weapons have been improved.
  • Many-Arrows Insignias no longer incorrectly drop in the Cloak Tower.
  • Maestro’s Espada in the Ardent Favor store now properly has a preview image.
  • PvP once again properly awards Glory.
  • Various pieces of equipment no longer incorrectly show duplicated Defense stats.


  • Masquerade of Liars (The below info is for future acquisitions of the items):
    • Enchanted Witch's Sash is now Bind to Account.
    • Gnarled Broomstick is now Bind to Account.
    • Handful of Enchanted Bristles is now Bind to Account.

Promotional Items

  • Players who claimed a Star Rover Gear Pack from the Supercharged Bundle can now claim another from the Reward Claims Agent. This one will properly provide all four Star Rover items.

Zen Market

  • Adventurer’s Head Start Bundle is no longer available in the Zen Market.
  • Adventurer’s Support Pack is no longer available in the Zen Market.
  • Avernus Hunt Key Bundle is no longer available in the Zen Market.
  • Change Physical Appearance tokens are no longer available in the Zen Market. It can now be found at the Wondrous Bazaar.
  • Character Loadouts are no longer available in the Zen Market. It can now be found at the Wondrous Bazaar.
  • Glory Boosters are no longer available in the Zen Market.
  • PvP Starter Pack is no longer available in the Zen Market, as its contents are outdated.
  • Rename Tokens are no longer available in the Zen Market. It can now be found at the Wondrous Bazaar.



User Interface

Character Sheet

  • The Ability Score layout is now more compact.
  • The scrolling titles list now has a maximum height.

Home Page

  • Leaderboard: As seasons aren’t currently running, the Season PvP Stats section no longer incorrectly displays, and the Season Rewards entry is no longer visible.

Loading Screen

  • The Cryptic logo screen now has a cool new background.


  • In order to reduce visual clutter in combat, the “Show Player Triggered Power Names” setting now defaults to “Off.”
    • This also affects the setting for existing characters. To reactivate it, open the Main Menu, select Options, and on the Interface tab, open the HUD category. “Show Player Triggered Power Names” can be toggled there.
  • Lens Flare quality now properly defaults to “Off” when running in Safe Mode.


  • Companions that are comprised solely of visual effects (e.g. Butterfly) should now more consistently show up in previews.



Character Art


  • A clipping issue with the Caster’s Armlets of the Royal Guard was addressed for female Gith and Dragonborn characters.
    • Various other clipping issues have been improved upon.
  • The hairstyle “M_Hair_Orc_04” is no longer incorrectly available in character creation.
  • Valindra got a bit of a glow-up.



Performance and Stability


  • The performance impact from opening the inventory with a large number of items has been reduced. This change is more effective for players with a smaller inventory UI.

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