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Patch Notes: Version: NW.131.20210712b.14

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 04 Aug 2021 07:29:34 PM PDT


Known Issues

Bards still can’t open the Graycloak gear pack. We’re looking into getting them a proper weapon.



Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • Adventurer’s Guild: The sparring mercenaries no longer have audio of inconsistent volume.
  • Neverdeath Graveyard: A dungeoneering skill node has been moved out from behind collision.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance


  • Inspiration no longer raises dead party members.
  • Minstrel’s Forte no longer grants Power.
  • Taking damage during a song animation no longer causes the lute to float away.



Items and Economy


  • 100 Neverwinter Incentives are now claimable from the Reward Claims Agent. They will be claimable until next week’s maintenance.
  • The Redeemed Citadel store now sells weapons for bards.


  • The maximum number of artisans has been increased by 2 at all ranks.
  • The Summer Artisan now properly grants to players who played last year, and players who are capped on their artisan count.
    • Note that if you are capped on the new artisan count, you are given a blank application when entering the workshop. You may still add the event artisan by using the Manage Artisans menu.

Reward Claims Agent

  • The following items can once again properly be claimed from the Reward Claims Agent if the appropriate promotions or keys have been applied to your account.
    • Promo tab: Fey Child's Pack; Wind Rider's Pack; Pack of the Sprite; Pack of the Sylph
    • Boxes tab: Empowered Pack; Empowered title; Super Charged Bundle; Supercharged title
    • Claim tab: Mini Rainbow Starry Panther; Neverwinter Vanguard Pack (if you had received the Leyline Lorekeeper title)



Character Art


  • An issue was resolved that caused characters to occasionally disappear.
  • Moonsilver Regalia Garment no longer incorrectly clips on female gith characters.
  • The Wayward Bard's Fashion has been updated to its intended appearance.



Performance and Stability


  • The Arc overlay is now hidden in certain cases when it would conflict with other processes.


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