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Patch Notes: Version: NW.125.20210524a.2

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 02 Jun 2021 11:05:35 PM PDT

Release Notes




  • Thanks to all of the hard work by adventurers working with the Iliyanbruen in New Sharandar, the Arcane Collective have recently unearthed an ancient Illefarn teleportation network that allows for fast travel between certain points of interest throughout Sharandar. For a fee of some Sharandar campaign currency, characters can travel quickly between areas, allowing them to get from place to place without passing through New Sharandar.
  • Bounties: Spawn rate and bounty values have been improved.
  • Night Fetish totems now properly play destruction effects after they’re destroyed for the first time.
  • The Walking Trance: It should no longer take several minutes for players to be able to interact with the cave entrance after another player interacts.
  • Thradisar Starwise has recovered from a mistaken identity, and is no longer known as Thradisar Greenward.

Rage of Bel

  • Hell’s Hoarder: This achievement can now properly be granted. Players who qualify should receive the achievement when moving to a different map; if that doesn’t work, moving each of the vanity pets should do the job.

Avernus Wastes

  • After realigning some antennae, Avernus Radio is back in action.

Legacy Content

  • Clockwork Tomb: The camera no longer excessively shakes in this map.
  • Drowned Shore: In the “Aquatic Elf Abduction” Heroic Encounter, Aquatic Elves now consistently spawn soon after the start of the encounter.
  • Omu: Airshipwreck (Patrol): The Quest Path now properly shows up in this instanced quest.


  • Events up to July 8th have been scheduled on the calendar.
  • Protector’s Jubilee
    • Coupons are no longer dropped or granted as part of the event rewards.
    • Protector's Bounty and Protection Duty escorts now act as a contest to track participation, though there is still only one tier of rewards.
      • Players who wish to obtain bonus rewards from the Foreign Merchant must be reasonably close while walking, and when rewards are handed out.
      • Players must now actively participate in defending the Foreign Merchant in order to obtain the reward at the end of the path. Healing counts as participation.
      • The goal of this is to discourage AFKing at the end of the path; we do not intend this to change active gameplay in any significant way.
  • Celebration of Lliira
    • The structure of the event has been updated to require less waiting, less luck, and no contest for Lliira’s Favor.
    • This event no longer has a chance to give an Ancient Curio.
  • Hell Pit
    • In future runs, the Shield of Flames will have greater health.
    • In future runs, two tokens of participation will be earned for daily participation, up from one, regardless of week.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Cleric (Devout): Healing Word can no longer target Companions.
  • Paladin (Justicar): Justicar's Bulwark now gives its increased divinity more quickly.
  • Paladin (Oathkeeper): Divine Shelter can no longer target Companions.
  • Paladin (Oathkeeper): Bond of Virtue: Healing from Bond of Virtue will now correctly occur only when the Paladin who cast it casts a healing spell.


  • Githyanki: This companion can now properly use Spinning Strike more than once per map or resummon.
  • Kuo-Toa now properly has the Pack Mentality and Poisonous Stab powers.
  • Pseudodragon’s Presence can now properly proc.
  • Vanguard of the Citadel: Take a Knee: This power should now visibly activate.

Item Powers

  • Butcher’s Guard now properly has a buff icon.
  • Escalating Might: This item power lasts for 10 seconds after being procced. When timer expires, all stacks will now fall off.
  • Mirage weapon powers have been reduced in strength.
  • Ring of Bel no longer causes the affected player to keep their arm raised until another action is performed.
  • The Frozen Storyteller Journal's "Tales of Resilience" tooltip now states that it reduces incoming damage by X% for 15 seconds at maximum quality.
  • The Watcher Set bonus should no longer fall off in 10 minutes.
  • Victim's Parry now does the following: When you are hit at 25% health or lower, your Deflect increases 15% for 5 seconds. If you have less than 30000 Deflect, you will gain 7500 for 5 seconds instead.  (15 second cooldown)
  • Victim's Resistance now does the following: When you are hit at 25% health or lower, your Critical Avoidance increases 15% for 5 seconds. If you have less than 30000 Critical Avoidance, you will gain 7500 for 5 seconds instead.  (15 second cooldown)

Mount Powers

  • Rejuvenating Favor: This power is now properly affected by the Broom of Twilight’s rank.

Racial Bonuses

  • Drow: Darkfire can now properly proc.



Enemies and Encounters


  • Enemies can no longer use charge-to-player powers while rooted (e.g. by Chains of Blazing Light).

Vault of Stars

  • In the maze, tanks with no quick-movement options will now receive a movement speed buff when moving from light to light, if they need to catch up with allies.
  • Royal Gardener
    • Fixed an issue where the Grim Reaper scythe throw would occasionally ignore blocking.
    • Removed the Volatile Reaction power that was triggered at the end of Unstable Growth.

Legacy Content

  • Acquisitions Incorporated: Undead Interns should no longer deal low amounts of damage in the Orientation quest.

Other Queued Content

  • Dread Legion: Enemies are now weaker by ~1,000 Item Level.
  • Illusionist’s Gambit: Enemies are now weaker by ~1,000 Item Level.


  • Minion or standard-rank trolls allied with grungs no longer have crowd control abilities.
  • Grungs now use Healing Touch less frequently.
  • Some Grung Wildlings have been replaced with Grung Scouts, who do not have spells (and therefore should reduce the amount of healing available in the average encounter).
  • Grung Wildlings and Grung Shamans no longer have access to the Mesmerizing Chirr ability.



Items and Economy


  • Elemental Alliance Restoration Couters and Elemental Alliance Ward Couters no longer displays a set bonus.
  • Genie’s Gifts no longer mention the old Sharandar campaign.
  • Flayed Storyteller’s Journal: The description now properly says it summons an Intellect Predator, not an Intellect Devourer.
  • Infernal Resonator has a wider range, and now states its range in its tooltip.
  • Legion Guard’s Gore Shield no longer converts to Black Ice instead of Refinement.
  • Lifeforged Orb should no longer display erroneous messaging in the set bonus description.
  • Paladins should now be able to purchase the Golden Dragon Artifact Weapons from Feldon Strongbeard in Protector's Enclave.
  • Seals of the Adventurer now have a limit of 3000, up from 1200.
  • Strongholds: High-quality gems can now properly be donated to the Stronghold coffer.
  • The Pristine Belt of the Companion (Item Level 1350) now grants Critical Severity instead of Defense.
  • The Shattered Belt of the Companion (Item Level 1225) now grants Critical Severity instead of Defense.

Sharandar Campaign

  • The Twinkling Key now properly has an error message that states it can be purchased once per day.



User Interface


  • Logos on the initial loading screen have been updated.
  • On the “What’s New” section of the Home page, there is now a “New Dungeon” instead of a “New Dungeonl.”


  • The minimum level to chat is now 5, down from 15. We’ll review how that affects reports of spamming.


  • Companion powers with long names no longer look like the Offense / Defense / Utility tag is part of the name.



Art, Animation, and Audio

Character Art

  • Ceremonial Protector’s fashion: A version of the head piece is now available to dragonborn characters.
  • Wonders of Gond: Blacksmith fashion goggles no longer clip through the head.

Visual Effects

  • Lifedrinker Enchantment visual effects no longer play when healing allies.
  • Various “warning” visual effects now consistently display regardless of the environment.





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