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Patch Notes: Version: NW.125.20210330b.4

By Julia (nitocris83) | Mon 12 Apr 2021 07:59:41 PM PDT

Known Issues

Until the next build is released, Heroic Encounters in the Mire will drop Bashin' Ordur Plans in addition to the new currency for Episode 2. This will change so that it's just the new currency for the new episode.



Binding Change!

Rings from Sharandar content are now Bind to Account on Pickup, instead of Bind on Equip. These items will become bound when this build goes live (or, if not immediately, next time they’re moved), so if you wish to trade or auction them, this is your last chance!



Release Notes



April Fowls

  • Chickens in the distance, in the last area of the Sewers Most Fowl mini-dungeon, should no longer show strange wing clipping artifacts.
  • Crown of the Concussed now properly shows its effects on dragonborn characters.
  • Fight of the Fowls should no longer reset standard PvP leaderboard stats. We’re looking into ways to compensate players who had been affected by this issue for Season 13.
  • Ring of Fowl Weather no longer incorrectly hits a second time for 1 damage.
  • Rover’s fire patch should now more consistently show up.

Hell Pit

  • Hell Pit no longer has an item level restriction, and players of all item levels will be scaled appropriately to be able to participate in future runs!



Content and Environment


  • The Bashin' Ordur Treasurer can now have his treasures taken from him by players with Thievery Kits! He carries treasure appropriate for all classes in Neverwinter, so be on the lookout for him.
  • The minimap should now be less visually offset.

Vault of Stars

  • Corpse Flowers will no longer prevent the player from advancing after the maze by remaining in combat indefinitely.
  • The achievement, Elusive Prey, can once again properly be completed if a player had previously failed its associated mechanic.
  • The achievement, Wish upon a Star, should now grant a title. Anyone who has already completed this achievement will receive the title upon entering the dungeon.
  • The Queen of Air and Darkness no longer repeats a voice line for every player who enters the maze.

Protector’s Enclave

  • The mount merchant has found a cozy new place to relax where he won't obstruct any of the new mounts.

Legacy Content

  • Blackdagger Ruins: The scuttled ship should be in a less inconvenient location around Garl Gnarlclaw.
  • Neverdeath Graveyard: Clockwork Tomb: The clocks no longer show some super weird blocky planes.
  • The “Epic Hero” mail received at level 60 now properly guides players to appropriate content.



Combat and Powers


  • Ring of Fowl Weather: This ring may now show improved visual effects

Classes and Balance

  • Cleric (Arbiter): Sacred Flame now properly deals 100 Magnitude of damage.
  • Ranger (Warden): Cordon of Arrows: Strong Grasping Roots should now properly be applied earlier, and properly spread to nearby targets.
  • Rogue (Assassin): Duelist’s Flurry: Path of the Blade can now only proc Duelist’s Shadow on the initial cast, rather than also through later damage events.

Companion Powers

  • Blurred Vision now properly applies its effect.
  • Deceptive Insight now properly applies Combined Ratings.
  • Dulled Senses now properly applies its effect.
  • Minstrel’s Discipline now properly applies Combined Rating to the player character.
  • Slowed Reactions now properly applies its effect.
  • Weapon Break now properly applies its effect.

Item Powers

  • At-Will Perk: Different ranks of this item power no longer incorrectly stack.
  • Boots of the Herald: The tooltip now properly states that these grant 1% Defense, rather than 1000 Defense Rating.
  • Goristro’s Horns: The buff provided by this item now displays an icon.

Item Sets

  • The following Undermountain Weapon Set Bonuses should now grant percentage Total Contribution to Stats.
    • Mountaineer Set
    • Alabaster Set
    • Burnished Set

Mount Powers

  • Explosive Equalizer: This power’s damage is no longer delayed 1.5 seconds after the visual effects.
  • Legendary Hellfire Engine: This mount now consistently faces its target.
  • Rejuvenating Favor: The buff provided by this power now displays an icon.



Enemies and Encounters


  • Acquisitions Incorporated: The possessed statue should now properly deal more than 1 damage.

Castle Ravenloft

  • Sisters of Strahd: The health of these bosses has been reduced.


  • Avernus: Nightspine’s health has been reduced.

Master of the Hunt [NOTE: this fix is for future content not yet available]

  • Runners and Hounds of the Hunt from the Master of the Hunt Skirmish now deal the appropriate damage with their melee attacks. (This has increased their damage.)

Tomb of the Nine Gods

  • Bigby’s Grasping Hand now has less health.
  • Ras Nsi’s Atropal Cry power now deals less base damage.
  • Ras Nsi’s applied vulnerability now makes affected characters 10% more vulnerable, reduced from 25% more vulnerable.

Tower of the Mad Mage

  • Halaster's Electrified Floor no longer deals 0 damage.

Zariel’s Challenge (Normal)

  • Zariel's Sword Portals have had their blades sharpened again. They had gotten a bit dull after so much use.



Items and Economy


  • Rank 1 of Tymora’s Spinning Coin now has stats appropriate for the updated combat system.
  • Siegebreaker’s Banner now grants 5000 Critical Avoidance and 5000 Critical Severity at Max Quality, up from 2500.

Artifact Equipment

  • Warlock weapons: The artifact modification that previously improved Essence Defiler now properly increases the healing of Infernal Barrier by 10%.
    • Players may need to unequip and re-equip the item for this change to apply.


  • Lion Guard's Armor for Rogues now grant the correct Combined Ratings.
  • Lion Guard's Raid Hat's name been corrected from "Nightshade's Raid Hat".
  • More pieces of Companion gear can now properly be converted to Refinement Points.
  • The new gear for Episode 2, which had started dropping early, now has the correct stats, names, and icons.


  • All Mythic quality mounts should consistently show the extra-safe discard prompt upon attempted discard.
  • Lliira’s Bell items can no longer be unequipped while they’re on cooldown.
  • Mount Collars no longer give Item Level when they’re not equipped to an active mount.
  • Prestine Rings have been polished and are now Pristine Rings instead.
  • Seal of the Dark Fey can no longer be received.
  • Seed Bread: This food now shows correct values in its tooltip.
  • The Eladrin companion now properly has a Collections entry.


  • Dragon Eggs (an obsolete Professions material) can no longer be purchased from the Dragon Scale Merchant.


  • Sharandar Campaign Store: Shattered Diamonds are now properly sold in batches of 1 for 1,000 of the appropriate currency, rather than batches of 20 for 20,000.

Zen Market

  • Butterfly Swarm mounts (Orange, Green, and Purple) are now available in the Zen Market, and will remain there for 30 days!
    • Known issue: We’re looking into an issue where the Red, Yellow, and Blue versions of this mount can no longer be reclaimed on characters if previously purchased.
  • Players who had previously purchased the Frost Mimic companion can now reclaim it on other characters on the same account even outside the Winter seasonal event.



User Interface


  • Quest givers no longer incorrectly show a “Quest Available” indicator if all their quests are blocked by other requirements.



Character Art


  • Guised Wristguard of the Wyrm no longer causes the player character’s hands to disappear.



Performance and Stability


  • Players should be significantly less likely to stall in patching.

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