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Patch Notes: Version: NW.125.20210119a.11

By Fero | Tue 16 Feb 2021 12:00:00 AM PST

Feature Highlights

New Zone: Sharandar

It’s been several years since the adventurers of Neverwinter clashed against the forces of Malabog, and during the relative stability, the landscape and architecture of the Feywild has changed. However, not all is peaceful. There are new enemies and challenges to face.

Sharandar requires a level of 80 and an item level of 40,000 to enter. However, during the first two weeks, players with any item level can play, and they’ll be scaled up to 40,000. As long as you complete the intro quest within the first two weeks, you’ll have access regardless of item level!

For more information, see: Developer Blog: Sharandar Reimagined


New Storyline: The Iron Tooth

The fey crossing—a bridge of sorts, that connected Faerûn to the Feywild—has recently been severed, preventing passage. Travelers who had returned from Sharandar speak of a feeling of unease. Though the defeat of Malabog brought peace for a time, a new evil stirs.

Reconnect with the Iliyanbruen envoys in Protector’s Enclave to find out how to restore the fey crossing, and assist in the adventures beyond.

This is the first episode of the new Sharandar campaign; more episodes will be released in the future.


New Campaign: Sharandar

With the new zone and new storyline comes a new campaign! This campaign will use a flow similar to the Redeemed Citadel, involving a weekly haul and a single progression path. More campaigns and more zones will unlock with the release of future episodes of the Sharandar storyline.

For more information, see: Dev Blog: Sharandar Campaign - New & Old


New Dungeon: The Vault of Stars

Clash against the members of the Gloaming Court as you uncover ancient secrets of the unseelie fey. Three new bosses await, with a new array of powerful rewards!

The Vault of Stars unlocks two weeks after the release of Sharandar.


Other Release Notes

Content and Environment

Fury of the Feywild

  • Old Sharandar content is no longer available. Players who had unclaimed rewards from completed campaign tasks from Fury of the Feywild should automatically receive those rewards on login.

Portal to Tuern

  • The Ritual Focus no longer pursues players.

Redeemed Citadel

  • Milestone IV has ended with the launch of Module 20.
  • Daily and weekly resource purchases have been removed from the Zariel's Favor trader, this includes: refined astral diamonds (daily), preservation wards (weekly), companion tokens (weekly), and mount tokens (weekly.)

Soshenstar River

  • There should no longer be wooden beams blocking interactibles for the quest, Pillaging the Pirates.


Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Paladin: Divine Shelter now heals for 265 magnitude, increased from 220.
  • Tanks should now be able to hold threat more easily.
  • Wizard: Shard of the Endless Avalanche has been replaced by a new power, Arcane Tempest, to provide improved versatility and AoE capability.


  • Cold Iron Warrior no longer deals quite as much damage.
  • Ox Stot’s Instincts: This power can now properly be slotted in the Universal slot.
  • Potency: This companion power now correctly grants Power towards the Other Contributions category.
  • Quickling no longer deals quite as much damage.
  • Vicious Dire Wolf no longer deals quite as much damage.


  • Spells such as Warlock "Revitalize", Paladin "Divine Touch", and Cleric "Bastion of Health" will no longer affect companions, allowing for easier targeting and better healing of player characters.

Item Powers

  • Defense Preparation now properly grants 10% toward Defense when it effect triggers.
  • Herald’s Decree now properly functions outside a party.
  • The Mirage weapon set no longer deals excessive damage.


Enemies and Encounters

Castle Ravenloft

  • The Sisters of Strahd now have less health.

Infernal Citadel

  • The difficulty of all bosses has been adjusted to better fit the desired level of challenge.

Rise of Tiamat

  • Enemies once again properly spawn during the “Defend the Clerics” phase of this trial.


  • Ashen Zombies are no longer a higher difficulty than intended.
  • Bandit Officers now deal less damage.
  • Batiri Shaman enemies should now die as quickly as other, similar-difficulty enemies.
  • Duergar Hellthorn Golem now deals significantly less damage with its melee attacks.
  • Nostura’s Planar Tears and Far Realm Horrors are no longer a higher difficulty than intended.
  • Rebel Snipers are no longer a higher difficulty than intended.
  • Ras Nsi’s Defiant Souls are no longer a higher difficulty than intended.
  • Wererats in human form are no longer a higher difficulty than intended.


Items and Economy


  • The mount power, Rejuvenating Favor, has been added to the Butterfly Wings mount. Players who already placed this mount in their stable can claim this power from the Reward Claims Agent.

Zen Market

  • A campaign buyout has been added for the campaign, Descent into Avernus.
  • Acquisitions Incorporated: This campaign buyout has been reduced in price to 2000 Zen, down from 3000.


  • Astral Lockbox: The Refinement rewards of this lockbox have been replaced with Trade Bar rewards instead.
  • Healing Potions now properly show the correct healing value in the tooltip.
  • Lliira's Bell and Lliira's Bell of Empowerment no longer grant additional Item Level.
  • Newly purchased divine armor and blessed divine armor pieces are now Bind to Account on Pickup, rather than Bind on Pickup. Note that this change will not affect items already in your inventory.
  • Illefarn Relic Fragments can now be traded in at the Antiquities Scholar.
  • Sharandar Signet of Patronage can now be traded in at the Antiquities Scholar.
  • Starry Sphere is no longer incorrectly called Gelatinous Cube in the Mounts menu.
  • The title from consecutive PvP season victories, “Leader of the Pack,” has been changed to “Notorious Gladiator,” as there was already a “Leader of the Pack” in Vellosk.


User Interface


  • Dungeon chests: The “re-roll” button now shows what currency will be used when rerolling, rather than showing the astral diamond icon all the time.
  • Stackable items that can be slotted in the item tray, and have on-use cooldowns, should no longer spam error messages when the last in a stack is used.

Character Creation

  • Dragonborn no longer have a “Markings” category, as it was non-functional.

Character Sheet

  • Stat ratings now display as green when they’re 0-1000 above Item Level, increased from 0-100.


  • Companion Upgrade Tokens and Mount Upgrade Tokens now properly show “Item Received” indicators.

Inventory / Tooltips

  • There should no longer be empty “Equip:” lines on certain items.


  • The Mount Bolster tooltip now shows the correct item level contribution. Previously, it was incorrectly reporting a higher number than was true.


  • There should no longer be a chance for some currencies, relevant to a store, to fail to display at the bottom of the vendor pane.


Animation, Audio, Character Art, and Visual Effects

Character Art

  • Several items that had clipping issues on certain character body types have been addressed.

Visual Effects

  • Toxic pools left by green dragons no longer have a chance to disappear when lots of visual effects are on-screen.


Performance and Stability


  • An issue was addressed that could occasionally cause chat to take more time than expected to show messages.




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