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Developer Blog: Spellbound Lockbox

By Julia (nitocris83) | Fri 05 Feb 2021 07:00:00 AM PST

After traversing the wastelands of Avernus, the enchanting forests of the Sharandar should be a welcome reprieve for those wishing to cool off a bit. Don’t get too comfortable however, for dark and mysterious encounters await you in the Feywild. Starting on February 9, Spellbound Lockboxes will become available, granting new possessions for those fortunate enough.

NOTE: The Forsaken Lockbox will disappear on February 9 (PC).


The Spellbound Lockbox


There’s bound to be a very upset (and hungry) Hag somewhere in Sharandar, as it seems her Cauldron has been pilfered. As fun as it may be to ride around with this enchanted piece of cookware, I wouldn’t risk consuming whatever the Hag planned for supper. Note: Mythic tooltip displays max possible stats when a player has 10+ Mythic mounts in their stable.

  • Combat Power: Cauldron Fumes (Summons your Hag's Cauldron, which billows forth a cloud of fumes on location, enhancing all allies inside of it with increased Critical Strike chance and Critical Strike Severity, while foes take damage over time.


But still more, a prowling beast, long the bane of adventurers, has chosen to step forth from the shadows to join you in your adventures should you prove yourself capable.

  • Player Power: Pouncer's Instinct – 10% Chance, on critical hit, to increase your critical strike rating for a short duration.


In addition to these packs, the Spellbound Lockbox will have a chance at rewards such as Refinement items and gems, insignias, mount upgrade tokens, and up to 1000 Tarmalune Trade Bars.



Robert Hrouda
Systems Designer

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