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Developer Blog: Sharandar Reimagined

By Julia (nitocris83) | Fri 15 Jan 2021 07:00:00 AM PST

The bridge between planes that once joined the Feywild to Faerûn, the Fey Crossing, has been recently severed, blocking passage. Tidings from adventurers returning to Neverwinter speak of an unsettling feeling within Sharandar; an air of unease has settled upon the Feywild. Elven patrols into the wild say something watches from the shadows. The peaceful calm that arrived in the wake of Malabog's defeat has ended, as the Illyanbruen elves began to whisper of a sleepless malice spreading throughout the land. Illyanbruen now suffer occasional twisted visions that come to them as waking nightmares.

In the midst of this, three wretched hags drawn to Sharandar have quietly snuck into separate neighborhoods and claimed each as their own. These neighborhoods will visually change with each episode in step with the evolution of the story as new gameplay activities become available. Spurned by years of scorn from the fey courts, this coven of hags conceived a court in secret to challenge and dismantle the Seelie and Unseelie. Working from deep inside the rotten core of Sharandar, the Odious Court conspired to gather the remnants of Malabog’s minions and others, long ignored or deemed not worthy of either Fey court to take part in the Awakening.

Tricked into service by the hags, creatures such as Fomorians, Redcaps, Grungs and Dryads all work tirelessly to undermine the Fey and bring about their suffering. While the coven works to dismantle the courts of the Fey, each hag plots to undermine the other in hopes of reaching the Arcane Reservoir first and harvesting the powerful magical energies captured there. The Purifying Pool that feeds the Arcane Reservoir with magic drained from feydark crystals overflows with arcane energy, thanks in part to adventurers submerging crystals within the pool for many years. Whichever hag can tap into the dangerously overflowing magic within the Arcane Reservoir will obtain enough power to contest the mightiest of the Archfey.

In Neverwinter: Sharandar, players return to Sharandar to investigate the unexplained closure of the Fey Crossing and the slain elves found in Old Sharandar. What is this new evil? How will adventurers reconnect with Merrisara Winterwhite and the Illyanbruen? Will the Fey Crossing remain severed forever?


Noah Holmes
Senior Game Designer

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