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Harvester of Nightmares Returns!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Fri 08 Jan 2021 07:00:00 AM PST

Greetings, adventurers!

The nightmares return as the mysterious creature known as the Harvester of Nightmares arrives once again to feast on the restless dreams of the sleeping citizens of Protector’s Enclave. A band of Vistani from distant Barovia led by the mysterious Madam Eva follows its arrival in an attempt to drive back the Harvester before it can claim more victims. In order to do this, the Vistani seek the aid of adventurers willing to take on this shadowy menace.

The restless slumber begins Thursday, January 14 at 10am PT (19:00 CET)

Awaken from the nightmares on Thursday, February 4 at 10am PT (19:00 CET)

A creature of fey origin, the Harvester dwells in the Nightmare Realm but only attacks if provoked. To draw the monster out, adventurers must enter its realm to cleanse the nightmares plaguing the dreams of sleeping Neverwintans. Doing so starves the Harvester until it has no choice but to attack the intruding adventurers. Adventurers will need to be level 80 and have a minimum 18,000 Item Level to participate in this event. Note: Event can be completed on any character that meets the minimum requirements but the daily quest can only be done once per account per day

The Harvester turns dreams into nightmares so it can feed. Because of this, the Nightmare Realm often appears as a dark reflection of a place where the dreamer feels safe. This time, the Nightmare Realm looks like locations around Protector’s Enclave.


Cleansing nightmares is done by defeating a series of arena-style encounters culminating in a fight with a nightmare version of an existing boss monster. Once defeated, adventurers return to the Enclave to receive daily rewards. If adventurers wish to cleanse more nightmares you can do so by picking up another mission and entering the queue to assist other nightmare explorers.

Like Hell Pit, Harvester of Nightmares is an appointment event that rewards the user with currencies that can be used to purchase valuable items. Since this event uses the same store as Hell Pit, the currencies for both events have been converted into a more generalized currency leading up to the release of this event.

The changes were as follows:

  • Token of Brimstone has been replaced by Token of Participation
  • Token of Flames has been replaced by Token of Challenge
  • Old Token of Participation has been replaced by Token of Achievement
    • This one can be a bit confusing given the new Token of Participation, but they are two different items.

The store has also changed slightly as a part of this conversion. First thing you will notice that has changed is the name for each store. The names of the stores now reflect the name of the tokens attached with them, which we hope will provide more clarity with the various appointment events. Note: There will be no last chance vendor. 



Achievement Store

For completing the daily quest “Haunting the Harvester” 14 times throughout the event duration you will acquire ONE token of achievement. This token can be used in the Achievement store.

Golden Warhorse

You will have had to complete the minimum daily quest requirement for 5 Appointment Events in order to purchase the Golden Warhorse.

Challenge Store

For those who continue to fight beyond the 14-day minimum there is another set of rewards unique to this type of event. Every success beyond 14 will result in a Token of Challenge. These tokens can be used to acquire some great items including a new set of overload enchants.

Here are the details on a few:




Participation Store

Finally, for each day’s success a number of tokens called Token of Participation will be granted to the player up to 49 if all daily and bonus tasks are completed for each of the 21 days. The rewards offered here are not nearly as powerful as those offered for the other tokens but they are still quite enticing.



If I had to describe this list of rewards, I would say they are pretty dreamy. So are you up to the task of destroying the Harvester of Nightmares?


Salim Grant
Systems Designer

Note: An event buyout will be available in the Zen Market. This buyout will not prevent players from participating in the event but will only award a max of an extra 2 tokens of Participation. Beyond this max, players will get AD and RP for each success.

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