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Bonding Runestones & Companion Changes

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 18 Nov 2020 07:55:00 AM PST

We are currently working on some improvements to make item level a more accurate representation of the character’s capabilities. While we are hoping to be ready to preview these changes soon, we wanted to give the information prior to the holiday sales so you can have the information before making any purchases.


Bonding Runestones

Bonding Runestones are an item that can never match up to item level correctly. This is because they transfer a varying amount of stats based on the companion itself, companion equipment, and runestones.

That has led us to change some aspects of companions and to retire Bonding Runestones all together. There will be an exchange at the Antiquities Dealer in Protector’s Enclave for Bonding Runestones which allows them to be exchanged for either another Enchantment/Runestone of the same rank, or directly for AD (The AD exchange chart will be at the bottom of this blog).



At the same time, we didn’t want players to lose a bunch of stats and be worse off than before the change.

Companions have had their item level increased. On Live, a companion at legendary rank has 100 Item Level. With our changes, that base item level of legendary will be 1000 and companions will grant stats at the same rate as other sources of item level. On top of that, we will be increasing bolster to where legendary rank adds 10% bolster. Bolster will also directly increase the item level of the companion, which in turn will increase the amount of stats it gives.

Augment companions will give 85% of their item level in combined rating and the remaining 15% is split across the 3 specific ratings granted by the given companion. Fighting companions will give 85% of their item level in combined rating, the rest of the rating is accounted for by the fact that they do damage.

Companion ACBs will also get a boost in item level to better reflect their benefits, and they will gain a bit of a boost in their benefits as well.

Runestones and Enchantments will go up in item level, and therefore increase the stats they give, both as compensation for the removal of Bondings and to give them a better ratio to other areas of the game such as equipment and Mount Passives.

Companion Influence will be going away as a stat and companions will always transfer 100% of their ratings to the player.

Last part of these changes is that companions will be able to be upgraded to Mythic, which will have a base 1500 Item Level like mounts do. Mythic companions provide 20% bolster and a given companion category will be able to max out at 100% bolster with the top 5 quality companions in that category.


Bonding to AD Exchange Rates

 Bonding Rank AD Exchange
15 2,600,000
14 1,800,000
13 1,000,000
12 500,000
11 250,000
10 125,000
9 30,000
8 15,000
7 8,000
6 5,000
5 1,500
4 1,000
3 200
2 100
1 Can be exchanged for other enchants


Hopefully this early information will both allow you to feel confident on your choices during the holiday season and are changes you will be looking forward to trying out on preview soon.


Jared “No Worries” Sears
Lead Systems Designer

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