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Neverwinter on the Epic Games Store!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 11 Nov 2020 07:00:00 AM PST

Neverwinter is now live on the Epic Games Store! 

As part of our launch in the Epic Games Store, the Epic Starter Pack will be available for $27.99 / €24.79 (regular price $34.99 / €30.99) until December 31, 2020. This bundle provides some great items to help you get started on your adventures in Neverwinter. The pack contains the following items:

  • 3x Epic Companion Equipment Choice Pack – Gear up your companions to help you in battle!
  • 3x Epic Premium Insignia Choice Pack – Boost your mount to aid you in your adventures!
  • 1x Improved Bag of Holding (42 slots) – Store riches and goods during your travels!
  • Epic Gelatinous Cube Mount – Journey through the lands in your very own Gelatinous Cube (guaranteed to not slowly consume the rider)
  • Epic Hunting Drake Companion – Don’t go into battle alone!


We are excited to launch on the Epic Games Store and welcome new heroes to Neverwinter!



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