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Redeemed Citadel - Part 3!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Fri 09 Oct 2020 07:00:00 AM PDT

On October 13th, milestone III of the Redeemed Citadel will begin on PC. This means the end of milestone II, so be sure to finish any personal progress, or pick up a reforger's blessing from the Zen Market so you can finish at your leisure! 

Milestone III will include a new server progress goal as with the previous milestone, and a new leaderboard. This milestone’s leaderboard goal will be the ability to summon Zariel as a companion! As with previous milestones, an alternate version of the reward with the same stats will be available in the Zen Market. This time around, the alternate version will be the ability to summon Soradiel as a companion. Those who have participated in hunts in Avernus may recognize her as the leader of Heaven’s Septem, the faction of angels dedicated to hunting the deadliest fiends. 

While you'll have to wait for milestone III to be completed for the full details of everything that will unlock; there will be a new hunt mark, new items to purchase in the store, and of course a new chamber in the citadel. Be sure to check out the citadel after the server progress is filled and see what's new. Until then—see you in Avernus adventurers! 

Doug "Asterdahl" Miller
Senior Systems Designer

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