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Patch Notes: Version: NW.122.20200708b.21

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 26 Aug 2020 11:24:28 PM PDT

Release Notes


Items and Economy

Redeemed Citadel

  • A pack of “Zariel’s Favors” will no longer incorrectly appear in a player’s inventory when they are at or near the Zariel’s Favor cap.
  • The amount of Zariel's Favor rewarded by repeatable quests has been increased as follows:
    • 50 > 120
    • 40 > 100
    • 30 > 80
  • Weekly Challenges: It is now possible to do both weekly challenges in a category each week. The user interface has been updated to reflect this.
    • Known issue: In French, German, Italian, and Russian locales, the text has not yet been updated.
  • Weekly Challenges: When completing a dungeon challenge, all players now consistently get the advertised amount of Zariel’s Favor.

Zen Market

  • The packs, “Fallen Apprentice’s Expedition Pack Essentials” and “Expedition Pack of Twisted Shadows Essentials,” can now be purchased on the Zen Market for a limited time, along with the other Expedition Pack Essentials.
    • The price of the Expedition Pack Essentials purchases has been lowered to 4500 Zen, down from 6000.
    • These packs are available for one week, starting 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC) on Thursday, August 27th.
  • The “Rank 15 Enchantments” purchase (Five packs, each with a choice of Rank 15 Enchantment), is available again on the Zen Market for a limited time.
    • This purchase is available for one week, starting 10:00 AM PDT (17:00 UTC) on Thursday, August 27th.



User Interface


  • Redeemed Citadel: Server milestone progress no longer incorrectly rounds up to 100% before it’s reached 100%.



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