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Developer Blog: Blood War Lockbox

By Julia (nitocris83) | Mon 29 Jun 2020 07:00:00 AM PDT

The Blood War rages on, and with it comes new armaments. Starting on June 30, you will have the opportunity to acquire The Blood War Lockbox, and with it some new treasures that could only be born in a plane of perpetual conflict!


The Blood War Lockbox

Strike fear into your foes when you arrive to the battlefield in your very own Infernal War Machine. Built with only the highest quality scrap in Avernus, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more intimidating transport. Just try not to think about the fuel costs.

  • Legendary Mount Speed
  • Equip Power: +5,000 Defense, +5% Movement Speed(Legendary). +2,500 Defense, +5% Movement Speed (Epic)
  • Combat Power: Mow Down (Your Infernal War Machine blazes forward, slamming into any foes in front of it and tossing them aside)


Impressed by your power, this Spined Devil has decided it would be best to stick around with you as a companion. Just don't get too close...


  • Enhancement: Precision - Chance on hit to increase your critical strike and your companion's critical avoidance for a short duration when your companion is near.
  • Player Power: Spined Devil's Influence- 10% chance, on Encounter use, to release a hail of spines at up to 6 foes within 15 feet.


On top of a sweet new ride and a prickly new friend, you’ll have the chance to obtain a Staff of Flowers, Genie’s Gifts, Companion Upgrade Tokens, and more!


Robert Hrouda
Systems Designer

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