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Developer Blog: Avernus Class Balance

By Julia (nitocris83) | Mon 15 Jun 2020 07:00:00 AM PDT

With the battle for Avernus looming and the fate of the fallen teetering, we wanted to better prepare our classes with a focus on equalizing the field for our damage-role paragon paths. The primary goal was to review the paragon paths focused on damage and provide at least one competitive alternative for each class. To do this, we needed to bring up the lowest-performing classes with no alternative in sight: the Hellbringer Warlock and Dreadnought Fighter. While these paragon paths received the most attention, there were other adjustments brought to light by the community we felt necessary to address.

Infernal Wrath and Revenge 

Fight fire with fire as the Hellbringer Warlock! The Hellbringer received magnitude increases to most of their powers as well as updates to their feats. Deal double damage on the first hit of Soul Scorch with Double Scorch or quickly stack Soul Investiture with the Power of the Nine Hells, which allows more powers to conjure Soul Puppets. Infernal Spheres should now be more stable but will also increase damage while active. Activating the Infernal Spheres again unleashes a powerful single-target attack or a multi-target assault, splitting the damage against multiple foes.

The Dreadnought Fighter also comes prepared to storm the trenches of Avernus with magnitude increases to most of their powers. The Dreadnought continues to be a steady powerhouse with an onslaught of at-will attacks while weaving in strong encounter powers. With the feat Weight of Vengeance, the Dreadnought can dish out more damage for less vengeance using Anvil of Doom.


Rage Against Infernal War Machines

Since the Barbarian was mostly vacant in the last round of magnitude adjustments, we wanted to provide a little more of what the community wanted. Rage generation is now slightly faster, providing the Barbarian with the means to relentlessly assault their foes. The Blademaster comes prepared with magnitude adjustments to their single-target encounter powers Frenzy and Bloodletter, the latter of which is further enhanced with a shorter cooldown in the feat Bloodspiller. Brash Strike did not fit in anywhere when compared to Relentless Slash, so it received shorter cast times to make it better suited against single targets. To better hold enemy enmity, the Sentinel received shorter cast times on some of their more threatening powers. The new feat Rage and Rally allows the Sentinel to generate more threat for the duration of Unstoppable while also restoring a portion of stamina upon exiting Unstoppable.


Further Beyond

Along with the class adjustments made before Module 19, we are continuing to investigate potential improvements we can make to bring all of our damaging paragon paths to the same level. Some of the smaller changes include magnitude adjustments. However, we continue to dive into community feedback bringing about such changes as the Trapper Hunter Ranger receiving buffs to the feats in their repertoire. We hope you continue to explore these paths and their possibilities to find the means necessary to fight against the Blood War in Avernus!


Joe Leon
Systems Designer

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