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Developer Blog: Avernus Adventure Zone

By Julia (nitocris83) | Tue 09 Jun 2020 07:00:00 AM PDT

The war-torn plane of Avernus, first layer of the Nine Hells, is an endless wasteland of scrap and destruction. Devils and demons wage a timeless Blood War in the clash between law and chaos. The fallen angel Zariel rules this desolate place, and the devils in it. But all is not lost, for somewhere in this hellscape is Zariel’s holy blade, which holds the last shred of goodness in her soul.


A Call for Help

Vallenhas will receive a very special visitor who requires the aid of powerful adventurers. This visitor, Lulu, will implore you to descend into the wastelands of Avernus in search of what was lost. She is a friend from Zariel’s past, and the key to finding her lost blade. You must travel the locations of Avernus and restore Lulu’s memories of Zariel’s fall. If you heed the call you will travel the fantastic and terrible locations of the tortured plane.


Fort Knucklebone and the Warlords of Avernus

You will arrive on the outskirts of Fort Knucklebone, a scrapyard where the hag Mad Maggie’s gang of misfits builds and repairs vehicles of war. You will find friends in the Kenku Brothers, a pair of kenku skilled in the repair of war machines. If you aid them, you will find the gesture returned in kind and be provided your very own infernal war machine.


The Wastelands and the Infernal War Machine

Much of Avernus is a barren wasteland, ravaged by eons of war. To travel this vast expanse, the denizens of Avernus use machines of war powered by the tortured souls of Hell. You must use one of these machines to traverse the wastes in your quest to aid the visitor.


The Stygian Dock  

Devils have built an expansive industrial center to support their war efforts. The Stygian Dock serves as a major supply route where souls, slaves, and weaponry are moved throughout the plane. This location also serves as a fueling station for massive siege engines. These siege engines use wicked magics to harvest souls directly from the River Styx, which flows through the dock. You will find that the deepest portions of the dock are home to especially powerful elite devils who oversee the area. 


Haruman’s Hill

Haruman was once one of Zariel’s trusted lieutenants when she and her Hellriders struck out against the fiends of Avernus. Their assault was met with betrayal and failure, and Haruman became corrupted alongside Zariel. Since then, he has spent his days as a narzugon, torturing the souls of the betrayers on Haruman’s Hill. Souls endlessly beg for forgiveness here, and find none.


The Scab and the Bleeding Citadel

A massive angelic structure stands in stark contrast to the corruption of Avernus. The Bleeding Citadel stands as a beacon of hope in the wastes. The land itself rejects the goodness of the citadel, turning soil into wicked flesh and attempting to cover the citadel in the corruption of the Scab. Something within the citadel prevents this, and so the citadel has become the focus of hordes of demons, who attempt to enter by digging through Scab itself with tooth and claw. Gaining access to the Bleeding Citadel will surely prove paramount in this adventure.

The Redemption of Zariel

With all of her memories restored, Lulu knows what needs to be done and she needs your help. You must meet her in the heart of the Bleeding Citadel. Unfortunately, the only way for you to get inside is by hacking a path through demon-infested tunnels deep inside the Scab itself.

If you are able to make your way into the citadel, the battle begins. Stronger demons roam the corrupted halls of the Bleeding Citadel and stand between you and the blessed chamber. No denizen of Avernus may enter the opulent rotunda. A holy power keeps evil and unworthy beings at bay. Beyond the barrier, you will find whatever the chamber has in store for you.

Will you prove yourself worthy? Will you face Zariel the Fallen herself? Can she be redeemed so that hope may rise again? Will you help bring Lulu’s beloved friend back to her?


Elliot Minner 
Content Designer

Nick Corea
Content Designer 

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