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Developer Blog: The Descent Lockbox

By Julia (nitocris83) | Fri 17 Jan 2020 07:00:00 AM PST

As we descend into the depths of Avernus, new opportunities have arisen. Starting on January 21, 2020, you will have the opportunity to acquire The Descent Lockbox, and with it some new Demonic possessions to make your own!


The Descent Lockbox


Having been tricked by a Devil, this Barlgura is now contractually obligated to serve, and will carry whoever owns their contract. They will also gladly leap into battle to wreak havoc when called upon.

  • Legendary Mount Speed
  • Equip Power: +5,000 Power (Epic), +10,000 Power (Legendary)
  • Combat Power: Meteoric Impact (Summons your Barlgura from the depths of Avernus, who slams his fists down in an incredible impact, dealing damage and stunning foes in the impact radius.)


While Avernus is well known for its multitude of horrifying beasts, it’s also quite recognizable for a particular beauty that is very eager to become your companion.


  • Enhancement: Potency - Chance on hit to increase your power and your companion's critical avoidance for 15 seconds.
  • Player Power: Fiendish Charmer's Distraction - 10% chance, on Encounter use, to daze your foe for 1 second. This effect may occur once every 10 seconds.


On top of charming companions and brutish demons, you’ll have the chance to obtain a Belial’s Portal Stone, Genie’s Gifts, Legendary Insignias, and more!

We hope that you’ll enjoy our new offering, and that your descent into Avernus will be an exciting one!

Robert Hrouda
Systems Designer

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