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Developer Blog: Expedition Pack of Twisted Shadows

By Julia (nitocris83) | Thu 09 Jan 2020 09:59:00 AM PST

A darkness is spreading across the land. Unease and worry hang on the people as an impending doom calls to them. However, heroes will arise to combat anything that the darkness harbors. But even the strongest will need help, and many has scourged the land finding valuable goods to help our greatest heroes.

What Hides in the Shadows?

The Expedition Pack of the Twisted Shadows holds many useful things that will help you survive the darkness. The most valuable item is a brand new mount to dance in the shadows, the Boots of Misty Step!

These boots will take you far, and to help them take you further there is a Premium Legendary Insignia Choice Pack included.

You will also get Coalescent Wards and a Shadow Dancer title, as well as Refinement Packs. With these rewards, the upcoming battles will go by in a breeze!

A Greater Darkness Rises!

No matter how you prepare, you won’t know what you are up against until the danger finally reveals itself. As such, you should expect more help once your enemies are known!

Besides all the great items that you will get right away from the Expedition Pack of the Twisted, there is one extra item pack to be claimed once Neverwinter: Infernal Descent goes live! With the purchase of the Expedition Pack, the Remains of the Shadows will be yours to pick up free at the Reclaims Agent!

Remains of the Shadows contains the new Hell Hound companion, a trained beast of hell that will help you on your missions.

The pack also has 20 Lockbox keys and a pack of Volatile Holy Water, which will be powerful assistance against the horrors you will face! And most importantly, you will also get the new campaign currency that will help speed up your descent into Avernus!

Surviving hell will be a struggle, but this pack will be your best bet on your survival.

If you are interested in surviving the darkness of Avernus, please check out the Zen Store for this new pack that is available for purchase on starting today! Base price is 10,000 Zen but you can purchase it now to get the early bird discount (7500 Zen)!


Chantelle Tatum
Systems Designer

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