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Patch Notes: Version: NW.115.20190826c.12

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 11 Sep 2019 08:52:05 PM PDT

Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • Characters who gained the Original Gladiator achievement now properly have the title after logging in.
  • The Water Node: This instance no longer scales the player's level down.


  • Second Chances: Dalish once again properly spawns, allowing this quest to be completed.


  • Master of the Hunt: The final gate can no longer rarely become stuck closed.
  • The Random Leveling Queue now properly shows its group role requirements.
  • The Random Leveling Queue can now properly provide a role bonus.
  • The queues for PvP below level 80 are no longer available. Level 80 queues remain active.



Combat and Powers


  • PvP Recharge Speed: This boon now properly updates the Recharge Speed value in the character sheet while active.
  • PvP: Deep Wound: This boon now properly applies its 15% debuff to healing taken on affected targets.
  • PvP: Role Reversal: This boon now properly increases tank and healer damage by 5% while in PvP, instead of causing them to deal only 5% of their expected damage while in PvP.
  • PvP: Role Reversal: This boon now properly lowers damage-dealers' damage taken by 20% while in PvP, instead of reducing it by 80%.



Enemies and Encounters

Tomb of the Nine Gods

  • The shield granted by The Curse of Lingering Death in the fight with Orcus can no longer incorrectly be overridden by other shields.



Items and Economy


  • Flayed Storyteller's Journal: This can now be equipped while the Frozen Storyteller's Journal is also equipped.


  • Acquisitions Incorporated: Seals of the Adventurer no longer incorrectly contribute to the weekly haul.


  • Certain Level 72 and 80 tools have had their sell values lowered to match other similar tools.
  • The Gathering profession can now properly increase above Level 70. Characters who have gained enough experience to level will automatically be increased to the appropriate level the next time they collect a successful gathering task from their delivery box.



User Interface


  • Rogues can now properly convert off-hand weapons to Appearance Library items when their main-hand library is full, and vice-versa.
  • When the color library is open and the player selects another color channel, the library now moves to that new color channel's location.


  • Items no longer incorrectly show a preview prompt when they cannot be previewed.
  • Preview now properly functions for mounts and companions in the bank, guild bank, mail, trade window, and auction house.





  • Localization that had been missing from last week's build is now properly updated. This affects French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.



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