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Patch Notes: NW.115.20190826c.8

By Azureus | Fri 06 Sep 2019 02:29:05 AM PDT


Tales of Old: The Dread Vault

  • Many missing effects now display more consistently, including:
    • The warning effects under the purple sparks for Yshiggol's Mind Burst.
    • The buff effects around enemies' heads when too close to Yshiggol.
    • Various warning effects under other enemy powers.
  • There are now significantly fewer adds that spawn in the Yshiggol boss fight. Notably, Thoon Hulks and Illithid Scourges no longer spawn.
  • The maximum item level for this event is now 20,000, increased from 16,000. Item levels above this value are scaled down to the maximum.
  • Trinkets of Old can once again properly be collected.



  • The level cap for all professions has been increased to 80.
  • The level cap for all artisans has been increased to 80.
  • Various new crafted items have been added to the game, including: equipment, materials, potions, tools, and supplements.
  • New level 71-80 recipes and gathering tasks have been added.


New PvP Campaign

  • A new version of the PvP campaign is now live. This campaign tracks overall kills, captures, and wins, and no longer requires quite as many more complex actions to progress.
    • The PvP boons have been adjusted to fit the updated system.
    • Players who completed all 30 tasks will receive an achievement, and in a future build, will receive a title for their participation.
  • Players who completed tasks in the previous version of the campaign will receive a box with rewards proportional to the number of tasks they had completed.


Known Issues

PvP Campaign

  • The "Original Gladiator" title is not currently properly given out. Players who achieved this will automatically receive it in a later build.

Tales of Old: The Dread Vault

  • The Flayed Storyteller's Journal artifact cannot be equipped if the Frozen Storyteller's Journal artifact is equipped. This will be addressed in a later build.
  • Yshiggol does not consistently show the visual effects or warning areas for the power Mind Burst.


Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • K-Team Weekly Dungeon now properly completes when succeeding a weekly dungeon with hardcore mode set and item level reduced to minimum.
  • Icewind Dale: While They Are Young: Young remorhazes no longer burrow underground, never to be seen again.
  • Neverdeath Graveyard: Certain quest contact dialogs no longer pull the entire party into conversation.
  • Professions Tutorial: Players can no longer incorrectly decline artisan applications under certain circumstances during the tutorial.
  • Tutorial: Makos' abilities no longer show a red warning area.

Acquisitions Incorporated

  • Information Acquisition: The ice wall should no longer be able to get into a stuck state.
  • Re-Retrieval Operation: This daily quest should no longer be able to get into a stuck state.


  • Castle Ravenloft is no longer in the Random Advanced Queue.
  • Cradle of the Death God is no longer in the Random Advanced Queue.
  • Fangbreaker Island now requires an item level of 15,000.
  • Illusionist's Gambit is no longer in the Random Leveling Queue.
  • Leveling versions of the Battle for the Bridge and Resonant Evil skirmishes are not currently selectable for queues.
  • Manycoins Bank Heist now requires an item level of 14,000, increased from 13,000.
  • Master Spellplague Caverns now requires an item level of 15,000.
  • Skirmishes now require 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 damage dealers, rather than any group they can bring together.
    • Dev note: This is to make sure that groups created for queues such as Manycoins Bank Vault and Merchant Prince's Folly have the appropriate survivability and damage to succeed in these skirmishes.
    • Private groups may still queue with any combination of roles.
  • Temple of Tiamat is now in the Advanced Queue.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods now requires an item level of 17,000.


  • In Reconnaissance Missions, players no longer initially hit enemies for 0 damage.
  • The "Haunted" rune effect no longer spawns a specter when companions fall.


Combat and Powers


  • Dealing damage to certain shields no longer spams the screen and combat log with "0" damage indicators.
  • Enemy damage and health has been lowered across the game, mainly in lower-level content. Level 80 content should not be significantly affected.

Artifact Modifications

  • Off-hand weapons can now properly gain +2.5% Incoming Healing, up from +0.05%.

Classes and Balance

  • Ranger: Ambush now properly states that it only affects the player's own damage.
  • Ranger: Boar Hide and Fox's Cunning can now properly proc Storm's Recovery.
  • Ranger: Call of the Storm now procs Stormstep Action.
  • Wizard: Rimefire Smolder can no longer proc rapidly on certain power casts.

Companion Powers

  • Companion Player Bonus Powers no longer function in PvP combat.
  • Faithful Initiate's Wisdom: This now improves Outgoing Healing instead of the strange "Hit Points Bonus Strength."
  • Githyanki: This companion's powers now properly show up in the companion window.
  • Remorhaz's Presence now deals damage based on the player's weapon damage.

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • The following adjustments have been made to Bonding Runestones:
    • The stats granted now persist through the "Near Death" state, when you are knocked out. As a result, there is no longer a delay when being revived before your stats return.
    • It is no longer required that you are standing within 100' of your companion in order to receive the benefit of your bonding runestones.
    • The effect is reapplied more quickly when your companion is revived. (The effect is still cancelled when your companion is near death, this is unchanged and matches previous behavior.)

Item Powers

  • Jarl's Gaze: This item's bonus power has changed to Death Defier's Might.
    • Death Defier's Might: Gain Power for each enemy you are engaged with in battle.

Item Sets

  • Mad Dash: This set bonus now takes effect when staying still for 3 seconds or longer, and drops off when the player moves.

Mount Powers

  • Swift Golden Lion: Aureal Armament now properly grants a shield equal to 30% of the target's hit points, increased from 3.33%.


Items and Economy


  • Legendary-quality rings can now be converted to Refinement Points.
  • Rewards that drop Ebonized gear now properly give the appropriate armor type to Rangers.
  • Toad mounts can now properly be bound if the player has a T-Rex mount.

Acquisitions Incorporated

  • Certain quests in this storyline now drop Seals of the Adventurer.

Early-game Rewards

  • Blacklake District: Karzov now drops head slot equipment for the appropriate level when killed.
  • Neverdeath Graveyard: Doomguide's Duty now gives Seals of the Adventurer.
  • Neverdeath Graveyard: The Emissary now grants rare quality weapons of a higher item level.
  • Neverdeath Graveyard: The Missing Acolyte now gives a neck-slot item.
  • The Chasm: Rewards granted to leveling Paladins are now in line with the rewards granted to other classes.
  • There is now a tutorial when gaining Seals of the Adventurer for the first time at level 69 or below.


  • Runic Encounters: Players now gain Coalesced Magics when defeating rune-corrupted enemies in Undermountain. The amount of Coalesced Magics awarded this way caps at 200 per day.
    • Players must still have completed Runemaster's Sinyé's rune tutorial, and be level 80.
  • Expeditions: Companion gear drop rates have been increased.
  • Expeditions: Warden loot drops now drop items for the party.

Zen Market

  • Companion Helper Pack: This has been renamed to Companion Upgrade Bundle.
    • This pack now costs 2000 Zen, up from 1400 Zen.
    • This pack now gives 175 Companion Upgrade Tokens, increased from 45.
    • This pack now gives a choice of 3 Rank 11 Runestones, instead of 1 Rank 9 Bonding Runestone.
  • Companion Upgrade Mini-pack: This has been renamed to Companion Upgrade Pack.
    • This pack now gives 75 Companion Upgrade tokens, increased from 45.
    • The price is unchanged.


User Interface


  • The "Convert to Appearance Library" option is now deactivated if the Appearance Library is full for that slot.
    • Known issue: For Rogues, if the Appearance Library is full for the main or off-hand weapon slot, the choice will be incorrectly deactivated for both weapon slots instead of just the one.


Visual Effects


  • Certain Star Shirts no longer incorrectly apply starry visual effects on all parts of a gith character. (Sorry. We know it looked awesome.)




  • Kavatos now has a bit of extra reverb when speaking in the Yawning Portal.
  • Music in the new expeditions has been touched up a bit.
  • Warlock: Hellish Rebuke's audio has been softened a bit. 

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