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Limited Time Purchase - Stick Ponies!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Thu 20 Jun 2019 07:00:00 AM PDT

We could not rein in these mighty steeds! By popular demand and per the decree of Lord Neverember, Stick Ponies will be available in the Zen Market for the next two weeks! These wonders, hand-created by the artisans at Cornwall’s Curious Creations, will be 1000 Zen each.

Note: Once purchased, stick ponies will be a permanent item for players. Their availability in the Zen Market is limited to two weeks. 

Stick Ponies come galloping in on Thursday, June 20 at 10am PDT and will trot away on July 4 at 10am PDT

Stick Ponies available

Wooden Stick Pony – Carved from walnut and maple tree wood, this classic look is sure to delight every child (and not so child) in Neverwinter!

Cotton Stick Pony – Crafted with fine cotton and sturdy oak, this comfortable stick pony will *not* lead to hidden worlds that closely resemble this one only with button eyes.

Fancy Stick Pony – Carved from the best mahogany, this stick pony will complement the look of every dashing adventurer!

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