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Patch Notes: Version: NW.105.20181022a.12

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 07 Nov 2018 07:38:51 PM PST




  • Artisan icons now show their faces instead of the profession's icon.
  • It is no longer possible to hire duplicate Rare Artificers via Artisan applications and the Artisan Recruitment purchase from the Zen Market.

Workshop and Quest Flow

  • A Clean Start: This quest no longer becomes stuck if the player leaves the workshop immediately before they return the quest.
  • Facilities Upgrade: This quest no longer becomes stuck if the player leaves the workshop immediately before they return the quest.
  • Lady Begum, Tress Greenrun, and Bolden Corsca no longer appear as duplicates in the workshop when a player declines to speak to them at the end of "The Grand Upgrade," then complete the quest "Second Chances."
  • The Grand Upgrade: During this quest, there is no longer a chance for Lady Begum not to appear, which would block progress.
  • The workshop retainer, Callum, no longer displays an incorrect dialog to male characters after completing the professions tutorial, which would prevent characters from exchanging deprecated materials and assets.

Crafted Items

  • Crafted capes and belts now have appropriate level requirements to equip.
  • Masterwork artifact weapons in "Stronghold Set II" no longer have higher than expected item levels at ranks below Legendary.
  • Masterwork artifact weapons "Brightsilver Holy Symbol" and "Brightsilver Longbow" have had their item levels increased to the expected values at Legendary rank.
  • The following items no longer have an equip level above 70, which prevented them from being equipped: "Manticore Raid Armlets," "Feathered Raid Isongos," "Manticore Assault Gloves +1," and "Manticore Assault Armlets +1."


  • The following deprecated materials can now be exchanged for credit in the Material Exchange:
    • Arcane Crystal
    • Arcane Shard
    • Brightleaf
    • Dark Clover
    • Desert Rose
    • Eldritch Crystal
    • Fundamental Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning
    • Symbol of Moradin, Symbol of Tempus
    • Witchwood
    • Mark of Gratitude
  • Quicksilver has been removed from the South Sea Trading Company commission list, and may once again be sold to normal vendors.
  • The specific alchemy items that may be exchanged as commission at the South Sea Trading Company have been adjusted.
    • The recipe level of alchemy items that may be donated at a given level range more closely match that of other professions.
    • Exchange values for alchemy recipes now consistently grant the same credit values at each level bracket. (Note: Alchemy recipes which create more than 1 item have exchange rates that reflect this.)
    • There are no longer alchemy recipes which are exchangeable at multiple level brackets.



Release Notes

Content and Environment

Acquisitions Incorporated

  • Ralvortix is now consistently named Ralvortix.
  • Retrieval Operation and Convention Infiltration no longer tend to get stuck if party members or nearby players interact with ladders on certain quest steps.


  • Illusionist's Gambit can once again be chosen for private queues.


Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • All characters created before The Heart of Fire released now have a free retraining available in the Powers UI.
  • Devoted Cleric: Terrifying Insight now gives a 30% damage increase to the cleric at maximum rank, and gives a 10% damage increase to allies when the cleric damages an enemy.


Items and Economy


  • A version of Tidespan Potion has been restored, and no longer creates a persistent hole in the inventory.
  • Black Ice equipment upgrades at the Black Ice Forge in Caer-Konig no longer require deprecated resources.
  • "Cleansed Black Ice Chunk" can now properly be made at the Black Ice Forge.
  • Daily Astral Diamond rewards for Random Queues are once again given once per account, rather than once per character.
  • Intern Reclaim Pack can once again be claimed, and can properly only be claimed once per account.
    • Known issue: If a player redeems a promotion that makes this pack available, the pack may not show up until the player logs out and back in.
  • It is now possible to donate High-Quality materials to the Stronghold for Professions Supplies credit. However, High-Quality materials don't provide a bonus for this donation.
  • There is no longer a weird, icon-less entry for Astral Diamonds in the Stronghold chest.


User Interface

Auction House

  • Professions materials now properly appear under the Professions category of the Auction House.
  • Sorting by Buyout Price and Bid Price now works properly.


Art, Animation, Effects, and Audio

Visual Effects

  • The artifact, Bruenor's Helm, now properly plays its visual effects when used.



Remaining Known Issues

  • Acquisitions Incorporated repeatable quests are only repeatable weekly, preventing the player from reaching the campaign currency cap on the first week.
  • After opening any Artisan pack, no more reward windows will appear in the UI. This includes lockbox rewards, invocation rewards, boxes, etc.
    • This will persist until you close and reopen the game.
    • This is also the cause of the "Open the Profession Starter Kit" tutorial tip staying active.
  • Certain non-quest-critical NPCs can sometimes be missing from the Workshop.
  • Cotton Petasos don't hide a character's hair, leading to egregious clipping.
  • Crafted capes and mantles currently do not change the character's appearance when equipped.
  • Crashing while accepting your first Artisans can cause the Professions tutorial to become stuck.
  • Neverdeath Graveyard: The quest Doomguide's Duty cannot be completed.
  • Under certain circumstances, players can end up in other players' Workshops.


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