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Dev Blog: Salvage and Dungeon Chests Changes

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 03 Oct 2018 10:15:04 AM PDT

Hey there adventurers, Jared "NoWorries" Sears here once again to share some information on upcoming changes to Salvage and Dungeon rewards in the upcoming Heart of Fire module.



Heart of Fire brings with it a change to salvage and Rough Astral Diamonds. The biggest change being that no longer is leftover equipment salvaged into RAD but instead it all converts into Refinement Points. Dungeons/Heroic Encounters/Campaign Stores/Trade bar Store/Seals Stores/Stronghold Stores will all now grant RAD directly and other sources or RAD, such as Random Queues, still grant their RAD as they did before.

This is a bit of a change but it does allow for better balancing of rewards and makes it easier to hand out gear without having to be as concerned with the economic effects that came with salvage.

The VIP Salvage Bonus has been turned into a bonus to RAD from Dungeon End Chests, Heroic Encounters, and Experience Overflow rewards. The VIP Anvil Summon and the Stronghold Anvil have been converted into Seal Traders.

Separating Salvage from RAD is just one of our changes intended to improve the overall game experience in Neverwinter. Another exciting change coming with this module is the removal of Daily/Standard/Epic keys:


Dungeon Chests

In the Heart of Fire module, non-legendary end chests will be able to be opened for free. This means that for most queued content players will get a chest to open on every run without needing to have keys in their inventory. On top of this, the chest loot for both standard and legendary chests can now be rerolled for a small amount of AD. Overall the daily key mechanic was frustrating, and needing to spend AD on keys for additional dungeon runs in a given day wasn’t a great experience. After all, it is very unlikely that a player will only run one piece of queued content per day.

Standard/Epic/Daily keys will be turned into reroll tokens (not to be confused with retraining tokens) upon logging in. Daily and Epic keys exchange at a 1 to 1 ratio. Standard keys transfer at 2 keys to 1 reroll token. If you end up with a single leftover standard key in your inventory, that still gets turned into a reroll token. There will be a trade in within Protector’s Enclave for keys that are in mail, auction house, guild banks, and anywhere else where they don’t automatically convert.

With the addition of rerolls on dungeon chests our rate of rewards will not be reduced. There will continue to be rare pieces to make sure there are items that have good value to players, and common stuff such as RP.


Make sure to visit the forum thread for additional information, or if you have any questions!


Jared "NoWorries" Sears
Lead Systems Designer

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