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Patch Notes: Version: NW.100.20180611a.8

By Julia (nitocris83)
Thu 28 Jun 2018 09:53:34 PM PDT

Developer Note

Several issues have been addressed with the new Ravenloft opening cinematic. To view this cinematic again, go to the login screen (you can click the "Logout" button in character select) and click the "Replay Video" button.

Note: The French language version of this cinematic is still not correctly playing. We are working on a fix.


Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • Direfang Hunt: Certain quest logic has been cleaned up to make this quest run more smoothly.
    • If you reach the "Take the Direfang poster from the post" step and the poster is not there, you may be able to address it if you search for "Wanted Poster - Direfang" and remove it from your inventory.
  • Masterwork Professions: Rank 4 Masterwork Profession quests can once again properly be completed.
  • Omu: Royal Recovery: One of the levitation nodes has been freed from the collision that blocked it.
  • Stronghold: The quest, "Random Skirmish," can no longer be accepted. This quest has been discontinued; the quests "Doing Your Part" and "Doing Your Part (Expertly)" have replaced "Random Skirmish" and "Random Dungeon."


Combat and Powers


  • A certain item can no longer incorrectly knock back enemies who are immune to Crowd Control effects.


Items and Economy

Enchantments and Runestones

  • Bonding Runestones once again provide the expected stat value when they proc.
  • Enchantments and Runestones are no longer incorrectly scaled down when attached to a Companion unless the player character is also scaled down.
  • Enhancements now correctly function while level scaled.
  • Transcendent Eclipse Enchantment: The ending "t" in "Transcendent" has been restored.


User Interface


  • The new Ravenloft opening cinematic now properly plays localized voice-over.
  • When in mouselook mode, the mouse no longer moves an invisible cursor that could interact with interface elements like chat and the minimap.


Performance and Stability


  • A crash that affected Steam users has been improved, though is not yet fully addressed.
  • A crash that could occur when trying to play the new Ravenloft opening cinematic has been addressed.
  • A map-wide disconnect has been addressed. (This fix went live several hours after release on June 26th, and is now part of the game build.)
  • An issue that stopped queues from working has been addressed. (This fix went live on June 27th, and is now part of the game build.)



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