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Ravenloft Dev Blog - Rewards To Die For

By Julia (nitocris83) | Mon 25 Jun 2018 10:30:25 AM PDT

As our new Module takes you past the mysterious mists into the land of Barovia, you will enter an eerie land full of dangerous dead. Through the dangers you will face, you will find rewards galore!

Vistani Offering a Helping Hand!

The Vistani are an elusive group of wanderers that roam the land of Barovia. Your first encounter with them will not only start you on the right path into the land of Barovia, but will also endear yourself to them. In doing so, they will set you up with an appropriate set of gear to help you as you brave the mists; a very gracious set of 8 pieces of gemmed 460 gear, as well as a Vistani weapon set and 3 trinket artifacts.


These aren’t the only items that the Vistani will give you to help you survive Barovia. After showing your worth to Vistani and Vampire Hunter Ezmarelda, she will reward you with a Vampire Hunter Kit. This kit is an equip-able item used in your potions slots that can be opened in combat, allowing you to use powerful rare items only available in Barovia. To obtain more of these powerful items, you can purchase them from wandering Vistani you can find roaming Barovia.


What the Dead Have In Store For You

Now properly equipped to fight the creatures of the night, you will need to brave the lands of Barovia. In Barovia, every monster you encounter has a chance of leaving behind special rewards; Tarokka Cards, wanted posters, as well as rare random gear drops. The Tarokka Cards and wanted posters are used for the Barovia Monster Hunts. To learn more, see our Tarokka Card and Monster Hunt dev blogs!

While you travel the land, you will gather the currencies needed to unlock the campaign, as well as buy items in the Campaign store. In the store, we have introduced four new Artifact Equipment sets, with three of the new sets using some of our older artifacts: the Bloodcrystal Raven Skull, the Thayan Book of the Dead, and the Apocalypse Dagger.


Raiding the Castle

After conquering the lands and monsters leading up to Castle Ravenloft, and recovering the important artifacts needed to confront the Tyrant of Barovia, it’s time to enter the Castle Ravenloft. As you pillage the Castle and defeat the bosses that lie within, you will find a plethora of rewards awaiting you! When your castle raid has come to the end, you have chances of getting the artifact that is Strahd’s sword Thirst as well as the two Artifact Equipment gear that complete its set. You can also receive our new Weapon Enchantment Prominence as well as our new Seal, Seals of the Crown.

When you leave the Castle and head back to the village of Barovia, you will be able to exchange the new seals to a skittish vendor that will trade you for the new Barovian armor set. When talking to Ezmarelda you will also receive the remains of the Sunsword that will allow you to craft a new Artifact Weapon set.

With all these rewards awaiting you in Barovia, we hope you are ready and prepared to enter the mists.


Chantelle Tatum
Systems Designer

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