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Patch Notes: Version: NW.95.20180306e.8

By Julia (nitocris83)
Wed 11 Apr 2018 03:31:28 PM PDT

Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • Fane of the Night Serpent: Players should no longer be insta-killed if they move too close to the wall near one of the bridge interactives.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods: Players should no longer be able to open the key chest twice in a single run under very specific circumstances.


Items and Economy


  • The Tyrant weapon set bonus now properly states that it ticks every 5 seconds, rather than every 15 seconds.


User Interface


  • When Lore notifications pop up, there is no longer a chance for "UNTRANSLATED" messages to briefly display.


Performance and Stability


  • A map-wide disconnect issue has been addressed.




  • Another localization update has been made for text that has changed since the Lost City of Omu release.  Affects French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.

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