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Patch Notes: Version: NW.95.20180306e.6

By Julia (nitocris83)
Wed 04 Apr 2018 03:52:40 PM PDT


Release Notes


Content and Environment

Masterwork Profession Quests

  • The restriction on certain masterwork professions quests that prevented accepting more than one quest at a time has been removed.
  • Certain masterwork quests which take finished equipment will no longer accept equipment slotted with gems. If you wish to turn in the item that has been slotted, please unslot the gems before attempting to turn in the quest.

Cradle of the Death God

  • Acererak now consistently appears to cast "Soulcharge" on the atropal while the Soulmonger charge is filling.
  • The atropal can no longer incorrectly be healed by players during certain phases.
  • The atropal's power "Turbulent Exhalation" will no longer affect those players who are held in place by "Acererak's Grasp."



Combat and Powers


  • Tyrant Weapon Set Bonus: The buff icon is now different from Rex Corona.



Items and Economy


  • The Black Ice Empowerment tutorial now only shows up when receiving Black Ice gear.

Chultan Hunts

  • The drop rate of allosaur fangs has been significantly increased.

Masterwork Professions

  • The recipe to create "brilliant beads" now returns 1 brilliant bead when completed at tier 2, changed from 4 batiri prisms.
  • The recipe to create "fanged ornaments" now requires 6 allosaur fangs, down from 12.
  • The recipe to create "fanged ornaments" now returns 2 fanged ornaments on a tier 3 success, up from 1.
  • The recipe to create "feathered ornaments" now returns 2 feathered ornaments on a tier 3 success, up from 1.



User Interface


  • The character context menu now goes away if the character who was selected goes away.


  • When refining using the rank slider, it now uses a number of Refinement Points equal to the amount remaining to reach that level, rather than the absolute total for that level.  This should address any remaining issues with upgrading items.



Art, Animation, and Audio


  • Certain shrines in Omu now have appropriate consistent ambient audio.
  • Music should behave more consistently between the surface level of Omu and the Undercity.
  • The Rimefire Golem companion is no longer quite as grunty.
  • Various repeatable adventure quests in Chult and Omu no longer have locations where ambient audio suddenly goes silent.



Performance and Stability


  • A map-wide crash on certain login circumstances has been addressed.
  • Various factors have been tweaked to potentially improve performance on certain hardware and setting combinations.


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