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Patch Notes: Version: NW.95.20180306e.2

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 21 Mar 2018 08:23:59 PM PDT

Release Notes

Content and Environment

Soshenstar River and Omu

  • Repeatable adventure quests now use more consistent visual language for campfires in interior locations.
  • Repeatable adventure quest doors now have vines over them if they're inaccessible.
  • Repeatable adventure quests now properly override the Quest Tracker UI when inside their instances.
  • Templar's Journal: This object should now be much more considerate of quest cooldowns when deciding whether it reveals itself to a player character.
  • Various minor text issues have been addressed.

Omu Heroic Encounters

  • Acererak's Heroic Encounter in Omu should no longer tank framerates quite as much.
    • The number of enemies in this HE has been reduced.
  • Tyrant Heroic Encounter: Enemies per wave have been reduced to 14, down from 21 in the first wave, and 24 in the second.
    • However, some stronger enemies have been thrown into the mix.
  • Tyrant Heroic Encounter: Enemies can no longer summon more enemies during this encounter.


  • The Tier V Alchemy Masterwork quest can now correctly be accepted while the player is on another Masterwork quest.
  • The quest "Amulet You Finish (Jewelcrafting)" is now properly still available while the player has another uncompleted Masterwork quest in their journal.

Future Events

  • Challenge of the Gods: Items gained through the Gift of the Gods will no longer automatically bind to account regardless of Bind on Equip status.
  • Summer Festival: Jadeite now costs 12 Silver Tickets, down from 23.



Combat and Powers


  • Animation-cancelling Artifact casts should no longer trigger bonuses from effects such as Artificer's Influence, Shepherd's Devotion, and Cavalry's Warning.
    • This also affects the Survivor's Wraps arm slot gear.
  • Pilgrim weapons no longer continually trigger combat.


  • Alpha Compy now properly grants its damage increase in the Merchant Prince's Folly.

Enemies and Allies

  • Raptors in Chult now strike at the endpoint of their Ambush attack, rather than automatically hitting their target.
  • Raptors in Chult now also have a separate version of their Ambush attack that does automatically hit their target, but does not knock them down.

Cradle of the Death God

  • A logout delay has been enabled in Cradle of the Death God.  If a player logs out while in the Cradle of the Death God, their character will remain present for a short time.
    • During that time it will be impossible to log back in and powers may continue to affect the character.
  • The Atropal will now become immune to damage and untargetable upon reaching certain health thresholds.  Acererak was not pleased with adventurers skipping phases.
  • The achievement for killing the Atropal is once again properly given to players with kill credit.



Items and Economy


  • Chult campaign currencies no longer "incorrectly" have "quotation" "marks" around their "tooltips."
  • Masterwork Neck set items now have a proper set name.
  • Overflow XP rewards now have a lower chance to drop Rough Astral Diamonds, due to the increased rate of Overflow XP rewards popping.
  • Primal Equipment can no longer get into a state where it cannot be Restored.
  • Seals now state where they can be traded in.
  • Treasure maps now consistently open a window without additionally using the lava-style borders at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Various item-based buffs have been updated to remove variance. They'll give the stats they state on their tooltip, rather than slightly differing values.
  • Various lootable items found in the world should now generate per-character.
    • Example: If Character A takes two of three items out of a chest, and Character B opens it, Character B should have their own set of loot from that chest.
    • If Character A loots after that, the one remaining item should be in their loot dialog.



User Interface


  • Inspect Companion now properly shows the companion's actual stats.

Home Page

  • The content on the Home Page has been cleaned up.  The Kenku Archer has started advertising their skills elsewhere.
  • The Reward Claims Agent can now be accessed from the Home Page ("L" key by default).  The character must have completed the tutorial to access this option.


  • Item Received notifications should now properly show the count of items gained.
  • Name plates no longer incorrectly show an enemy's name after taking damage if a player set them not to do so.
  • The Experience bar tooltip now shows relative XP values within your level.  For example, if a character has just hit level 42, the tooltip should have close to 0 XP, along with the remaining XP to the next level.
  • The Report Player option is once again properly in the context menu that appears when interacting with a character in-world.


  • Protected Items now pop a message when one attempts to donate them to the Stronghold coffer.
  • When refining and upgrading an item from a stack, if the resulting item can stack with other items in the inventory, it will.


  • There is now a "Collapse All" / "Expand All" action.


  • If a single waypoint (such as a map transition) is used for lots of quests, the numbers corresponding to quest entries will no longer stretch across the screen.


  • If upgrading an item would cause it to be bound, there is now a warning prompt to say so.


  • CombatLog and ExportGuildMemberList are now actually CSV-compliant, instead of just looking like it.



Art, Effects, and Audio


  • Gelatinous Cube mounts are no longer quite as bloopy and blorbly.

Character Art

  • Chultan Merchant's Headwear now properly changes color when dyed.
  • There is no longer an unexpected gap in the mid-back of the Stalkwrapped Armor.





  • Another set of localization fixes has been made for French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.

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