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Patch Notes: Version: NW.95.20180212a.3

By Julia (nitocris83) | Mon 26 Feb 2018 01:06:15 PM PST


New Zone: Lost City of Omu

A new zone is available in the greater area of Chult!  Available from the gates of Port Nyanzaru, players can delve deeper into the jungle to find the Lost City of Omu in hopes of finding the cause of--and the solution to--the death curse.  Hunt new monsters and earn new items!

Developer Blog: Lost City of Omu Story Overview
Developer Blog: Omu's Undercity
Developer Blog: Fane of the Night Serpent
Developer Blog: Hunts in Omu
Developer Blog: Lost City of Omu - Rewards Worth Raiding For!


Campaign Update: Jungles of Chult

Alongside the new zone is a new addition to the Jungles of Chult campaign!  Complete several new tasks, earn new ranks of the Jungles of Chult boons, and open up access to the new Trial, Cradle of the Death God. 

Developer Blog: Lost City of Omu Campaign


New Trial: Cradle of the Death God

Explore the hidden depths of a previously-hidden extension of the Tomb of the Nine Gods.  This ten-player Trial pits players against a fearsome creation of Acererak, and if the adventurers succeed, they could get rid of the death curse once and for all. 

Developer Blog: Cradle of the Death God
Developer Blog: The Atropal


Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

Remember the October Bugfix Month thread?  A lot of fixes we made during October are going live with this module!  Among the quality of life improvements are:

  • "Protect Item" functionality to prevent specific items from being deleted, sold, or consumed.
  • Fashion Bag: A new place for all your extra fashion items, with 24 slots by default.

Developer Blog: Fashion Bag


New Masterwork Profession Recipes

Additional quests and recipes have been added for Masterwork Professions!  Grab some new Explorer's Charts and pick up a quest from your Stronghold, which will give you access to Volumes IV and V of your recipe books.

Developer Blog: Masterwork Professions in Lost City of Omu


Level 60-70 Experience Re-Smoothing

We've taken another pass on the experience curve and the general feel of levels 60-70.  The content has had various minor updates to smooth out gameplay, while the experience requirements to get from level 60 to 70 have been drastically reduced. 

Note that the experience rewards from Elemental Evil and other post-60 content, which were much higher than other content, have also been reduced proportionally.


Loadouts Expansion

Loadouts now track your summoned companions, their equipment, mounts, and insignas.  Check out the Loadouts entry under the UI heading for details!



Release Notes


Content and Environment


  • Blackdagger Keep: Players may no longer escape the world through a window.
  • Bryn Shander: Several paths blocked by invisible walls now have ice walls to contextualize the blocks.
  • Cutscenes can now be skipped in the following maps:
    • Death Forge
    • Lair of Lostmauth
    • Malabog's Castle
    • Phantasmal Fortress
    • Temple of the Spider
  • Enemies in instanced quests with NPC followers now properly leash (return to their spawn point) when the player character dies.
  • House of the Crocodile: Various issues in the second-to-final room with the world going invisible have been addressed.
  • House of the Crocodile: Players no longer incorrectly spawn at the final campfire when dying early.
  • Icewind Dale: Revives now consistently count toward the PvP Campaign goal.
  • Lore for Spli-Ti now properly shows up under the Chult heading, rather than Blackdagger Ruins.
  • Mantol-Derith: Drizzt no longer stops for players or companions who stand in his way.
  • Maze Engine: Defense of Gauntlgrym: Companions no longer get stuck behind collision after the final cutscene.
  • Merchant Prince's Folly: The moon is no longer quite as bright.
  • Merchant Prince's Folly: When re-queuing from inside the map, players should no longer be locked out of opening the end chest.
  • Neverdeath Graveyard: In the Ghost Stories instance, there is no longer a weird extension of invisible collision from the bridge.
  • Pirates' Skyhold: Several collision issues have been addressed.
  • Prophecy of Madness: The phase timer now properly, consistently resets when advancing to Phase 2.
  • Protector's Enclave: Loadouts can now properly be swapped in the Trade of Blades.
  • Reclamation Rock: The Heroic Encounter, Protect the Merchant, now consistently continues when all waves are defeated.
  • River District: Guards and golems now more consistently leash when appropriate.
  • River District Unveiling: The timing on this cutscene has been improved.
  • Sea of Moving Ice: An inescapable hole in the ground has been covered up.
  • Sharandar: Certain flowers no longer have collision.
  • The Promotion Agent now has a landmark on the Protector's Enclave map.
  • The PvP leaderboard will reset upon the release of the Lost City of Omu.
  • Various floating objects and other cosmetic environment issues in many maps have been addressed.
  • Various typos have been fixed.
  • Whispering Caverns: Crane handles now show visual effects when they break.


  • Icespire Mountaineer: This achievement had been made impossible to complete a long time ago, and is now properly removed from players' achievement lists.
  • Polices Drunk Orcs: This achievement was never possible to complete, and is now properly removed from players' achievement lists.
  • Scrying Gauntlgrym: This achievement had been made impossible to complete a long time ago, and is now properly removed from players' achievement lists.

Dungeons and Trials

  • Assault on Svardborg
    • Jarl Storvald once again properly carries a weapon.
    • Jarl Storvald's health bar no longer displays during phases where he cannot be targeted.
    • The "Gather Your Party" circle now properly fires when all players in the map are inside the corral, rather than requiring 10 players regardless of how many are in the map.
    • When the manticores fly away, they now consistently reappear the next time they're needed, rather than being invisible.
  • Demogorgon
    • Appropriate credit is now granted when Goristro is defeated quickly.
    • Dragonborn who touch the barrier before the beginning of the fight are no longer teleported back to the dais.
    • Upon reaching Gold rank, the trial now advances to the next phase.
  • Fangbreaker Island
    • The Hati encounter no longer becomes stuck if a player dies and releases at a specific time.
    • The quest path now properly continues forward after defeating the Dragon Turtle.
  • Tiamat
    • Defeating one of Tiamat's heads too quickly no longer prevents the trial from being completed.
    • When defeating Tiamat's heads, success is now determined immediately rather than after the defeat animation.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods
    • Ambient occlusion looks a bit better in Ras Nsi's room.
    • Players no longer respawn at a distant campfire when releasing during Ras Nsi's fight.
    • Ras Nsi now drops loot from a chest rather than directly.
  • Cragmire Crypts no longer has a large patch of unlit flooring.
  • Spellplague Caverns (Master): Kabal should no longer display a low-rez model when appearing in his boss cutscene.


  • Hunt trophies and lures have been adjusted in the following ways:
    • These items are no longer unique, as such more than one can be held in your inventory at a time.
    • These items may no longer be mailed.
  • Please note:
    • Hunt trophies and lures do not stack, as such in order to hold on to two of the same lure, you must have two free inventory spaces.
    • Any trophies or lures currently in mailboxes will remain there, however, once they are removed from the mailbox they may not be sent again.


  • The statue bases near the back of the guild hall are now more symmetrical.

Future Events

  • Protector's Jubilee: Unspent Protection Orders can now be redeemed for consolation rewards at the Last Chance Store once the event is over.
  • The fishing vendor in the Winter Festival map now pays full price for sold items.
  • The merchants being escorted during the Protector's Jubilee no longer return to their previous position after an encounter completes; instead, they start moving forward again.


Combat and Powers


  • Tome of Ascendancy
    • Fireforged now grants the correct damage bonus per rank.
    • Fireforged now properly grants its defense bonus when applied.
    • The Illusion debuff now properly applies to affected enemies.
    • The Illusion debuff now properly reduces damage resistance, rather than increasing it.
    • The tooltip has been cleaned up a little.
  • Off-hand Artifact Powers: Older artifact off-hands for Fighters will now show "Steel Resolve/Steel Grace" in the tooltip for the powers that buff Steel Resolve and Steel Grace.
    • Newer artifact off-hands will show the specific power's name, as appropriate.
  • Mirage: This artifact weapon set's Clones can no longer trigger effects from Enchantments or Class Feats.
  • Mirage: The clones summoned from this set bonus now correctly have weapons.
  • Symbol of Air: This artifact's cooldown is now properly reduced at higher ranks.
  • Wheel of Elements: The bonus Fire damage from this artifact's Fire buff is no longer doubly reduced by level differences between the player and enemy.
  • Wheel of Elements: The animation lockdown on this power has been shortened.


  • Chult: This campaign's boons now give the expected item level values.
  • Cloaked Ascendancy: Aura of Despair has been renamed to Demoralize, pending litigation from Scourge Warlocks for their feat of the same name.
  • Cloaked Ascendancy: Aura of Hope now properly lasts for 10 seconds, and properly works on nearby allies.
  • Cloaked Ascendancy: Planar Vitality now mentions its 10-second cooldown in its tooltip.
  • Icewind Dale: The Cold Shoulder effect is now properly consumed when it pops.
  • Icewind Dale: The final tier of boons now properly grays out when one is selected.
  • Maze Engine: Displace Fate no longer shows the Bloodtheft visual effect.
  • PvP: Tactical Redeployment now properly grants its Run Speed bonus of 25%, up from 20%.
  • Tyranny of Dragons: Dragon's Thirst now properly shows the correct percentage of 4/5/6%.

Classes and Balance

  • Weapon Enchantments and Multi-Proccing
    • Various powers, across many classes, have been adjusted to trigger one weapon enchantment proc per target, per activation.  (Example: A single activation against 5 enemies can proc up to 5 times.)
    • Various powers that previously did not proc weapon enchantments at all have been updated to properly proc them.
  • Control Wizard
    • Arcane Power Field now functions as the tooltip states.
    • Arcane Power Field now has a range of 40', increased from 30'.
    • Arcane Power Field now properly deals Arcane damage.
    • Arcane Power Field no longer functions while it is not equipped.
    • Combustive Action: This power can no longer debuff the caster.
    • Evocation: The Artifact Off-hand bonus now functions properly with all AoE powers.
    • Evocation: The Artifact Off-hand bonus now buffs damage by 5%, increased from 3%.
    • Frost Wave: The debuff applied by this power is now correctly a debuff, rather than displaying as a buff.
    • Frost Wave no longer functions while it is not equipped.
    • Icy Rays now consistently deals increased damage at higher ranks.
    • Icy Rays now properly procs weapon enchantments.
    • Icy Terrain now procs weapon enchantments on the first hit only.
    • Icy Terrain now correctly deals damage to Frozen targets.
    • Imprisonment should now properly apply Spell Twisting.
    • Oppressive Force now properly procs weapon enchantments.
    • Ray of Enfeeblement: When two or more players cast this spell on the same target, the Damage Dealt debuff no longer incorrectly stacks.  The damage over time effect still does stack.
    • Ray of Enfeeblement (Spell Mastery): This version of the power no longer has two charges.  Instead, its initial cast is doubly effective.
      • Dev note: This is intended to make the Spell Twisting feat work more appropriately with Ray of Enfeeblement in the Spell Mastery slot.
    • Ray of Enfeeblement: The debuff for this power now has a tooltip.
    • Shatterstrike: Control-immune targets now take 33% weapon damage, down from 100%.
    • Shatterstrike: The damage dealt by this power now scales with buffs / Power.
    • Smolder and Rimefire Smolder should now properly be affected by Chilling Presence.
    • Smolder and Rimefire Smolder now deal about 50% more damage.
    • Steal Time now properly procs weapon enchantments.
    • Storm Spell: This power's artifact bonus now correctly scales with Storm Spell ranks.
    • Storm Spell no longer deals less damage when procced by certain powers.
    • Storm Spell can now critically strike.
    • Storm Spell's Artifact Off-hand bonus has been adjusted so that it properly has its own 5% chance to proc Storm Spell.
    • Storm Spell: To balance out the above changes, this power's damage has been reduced by about 30%.
    • Sudden Storm's Arc damage now properly scales with player power.
    • Teleport (Shift): This power now properly requires 33% Stamina to cast, as it only consumes 33% Stamina when used.
    • Teleport should now feel much more responsive with respect to animation, lockdown times, and rubber-banding.
    • Transcended Master: This power's tooltip has been updated to match its current functionality.
  • Devoted Cleric
    • Doubling Up
      • Dev note: We'd like to reduce the potency of bringing two Devoted Clerics to a party, and instead open that spot in high-end groups to other classes that can provide offensive support.  We also want both DC Paragon Paths to remain viable choices.  As a result, we expect these changes to have low impact to individual Devoted Clerics, while opening up the meta for a wider variety of classes.
      • The feat, Bear Your Sins, no longer stacks while multiple Clerics are present.
      • The feat, Weapons of Light, no longer stacks while multiple Clerics are present.  The strongest version of this feat will apply.
      • The Damage Dealt buff from Hallowed Ground is now 35% at its highest rank, lowered from 40%.
      • The Damage Dealt buff from Break the Spirit is now 21%, reduced from 30%.
      • Exaltation no longer stacks when multiple clerics cast it on the same target.
      • The Run Speed debuff applied by Forgemaster's Flame can no longer have more than 3 stacks even if multiple Clerics apply it.
    • Anointed Holy Symbol: The base amount of Temp. HP granted by this power has been doubled.
    • Anointed Holy Symbol: The rank-up bonus for this power is now 10%, reduced from 12%.
    • Chains of Blazing Light: This power now immobilizes players for its full 3 second duration in PvP.  Empowered stacks still extend this duration by 1 additional second in PvP.
    • Flamestrike: This power no longer has an inner circle in its targeting indicator; the damage and effects previously dealt by that inner circle now applies to the full radius.  (This is a buff.)
    • Forgemaster's Flame: The tooltip for this Encounter power now correctly indicates the radius of its effect.
    • Geas: The Divine version of this power no longer has a baked-in diminished duration when cast successively on the same target.  The effect still respects diminishing returns in PvP.
    • Geas: This power now uses a percentage of the target's maximum hit points to determine when its effect breaks, instead of the caster's weapon damage.
    • Hammer of Fate now properly triggers weapon enhancements.
    • Hammer of Fate no longer pops a message regarding power drain.
    • Hastening Light: This class feature can no longer incorrectly proc while it isn't slotted.
    • Healing Word: The Empowered bonus of this power now grants a flat 20% additional healing to both the initial heal and the Heal over Time (HoT).  Previously, it granted 35% additional healing to only the initial heal.
      • To balance out this change, the initial heal of Healing Word has been increased by 20% before Empowered stacks, and the healing done by the HoT has been reduced by 10% over its full duration.
    • Healing Word: When the Empowered version of this power applies Gift of Faith, the potency of the effect now properly improves with the number of Empowered stacks.
    • Prophecy of Doom should now properly have its cooldown reset when the target is killed.
    • Prophecy of Doom should now properly have its cooldown reset only once when a target is killed.
    • Prophecy of Doom should now properly grant Action Points (AP) when first cast.
    • Prophecy of Doom should now properly not grant bonus AP when a target is not killed for its duration.
    • Righteousness: An issue has been fixed where Righteousness would sometimes not be affected by certain healing powers.
    • Soothing Light: This at-will power has been simplified to no longer heal for up to 20% more based on the target's missing hit points.  To balance out this change, the power now heals for 15% more.
    • Terrifying Insight: When buffed by Artifact Off-hands, this power no longer has a chance to briefly stack.
  • Great Weapon Fighter
    • Come and Get It: This power now shows a buff icon when used.
    • Come and Get It: This power should now correctly apply on all appropriate powers.
    • Mighty Blade now increases damage dealt when striking more than one enemy.
    • Mighty Blade now grants 2/4/6/8/10% increased damage, down from 2.5/5/7.5/10/12.5%.
    • Punishing Charge now has all 4 charges for each rank.
    • Slam can now critically strike.
    • Steadfast Determination: The amount of Determination gained through this Class Feature has been tripled.
    • Steadfast Determination: The artifact off-hand bonus has been increased to 10%, up from 3%.
    • Wicked Strike: The Artifact Off-hand bonus for this power should now correctly apply to the player.
  • Guardian Fighter
    • Jagged Blades: This feat now consistently procs on all powers that target foes.
    • Mark: This power can now properly be used while swinging with Weapon Master's Strike.
  • Hunter Ranger
    • Ambush now properly deals full damage when triggered by Bear Trap.
    • Aspect of the Lone Wolf (Rank 4) now functions correctly with its Artifact Off-hand bonus.
    • Boar Charge: The animation lockdown on this power has been shortened.
    • Careful Attack: This power can now proc weapon enchantments.
    • Cordon of Arrows: This power can now crit at long range.
    • Cruel Recovery: This power's Artifact Off-hand bonus now only works if Cruel Recovery is slotted.
    • Longshot now deals 5/10/15/20/25% Weapon Damage, reduced from 20/40/60/80/100%, but now scales with player stats.
    • Longstrider's Shot now applies its buff more consistently.
    • Rain of Arrows now more reliably hits targets on uneven terrain.
    • Rain of Swords now fires based on the cursor position.
    • Throw Caution: Warden's Courage no longer increases the damage resistance debuff from this power.
  • Oathbound Paladin
    • Bane (Devotion): This power now properly triggers Encounter Power effects when it targets allies.
  • Scourge Warlock
    • Brood of Hadar: All ticks of this power now properly apply Creeping Death.
    • Brutal Curse now increases Tyrannical Curse's damage debuff by 2/4/6/8/10%, in addition to Warlock Curse.
    • Creeping Death: Damage has been increased to 75% (up from 60%).
    • Critical Promise: Damage has been reduced to 8/16/24/32/40% (down from 10/20/30/40/50%), but now scales with buffs / Power.
    • Critical Promise: This effect no longer expires when the player leaves combat.
    • Daughter's Promise: The damage dealt from this power now scales with power/buffs.
    • Dreadtheft: This power has been updated.  It now ticks twice per second, lasts up to 6 seconds, and its damage per tick has been significantly increased.
    • Dreadtheft now procs weapon enchantments on every tick.
    • Fiery Bolt: The Curse-Synergy of this power should now be based off the target it hits.
    • Flames of Empowerment: This power now properly improves when buffed by Artifact Off-hand powers.
    • Immolation Spirits should now correctly deal increased damage to targets affected by Warlock's Curse.
    • Killing Curse: Damage has increased to 5/10/15/20/25% (up from 3/6/9/12/15%), and now scales with buffs / Power.
    • Killing Curse: An issue where this feat was dealing less damage than intended has been addressed.
    • Lesser Curse now keeps its tick timer when replaced.  (Example: If it dealt damage 1.0 seconds ago, and a warlock re-applies it, it will deal damage 0.5 seconds from now instead of 1.5 seconds from now.)
    • Lesser Curse: This power now properly ticks 4 times instead of 3 on a single cast.
    • Murderous Flames: The damage dealt by this power is no longer doubly reduced by level differences between the player and enemy.
    • Pillar of Power can now critically strike.
    • Pillar of Power: This now grants 75% of its normal buff value to allies who stand in it.
    • Power of the Nine Hells: This no longer increases Pillar of Power's buff value for allies.
    • Soul Desecration: This effect now causes the warlock's next attack to summon a Soul Puppet every 10 seconds (reduced from 15 seconds).
    • Soul Scorch: The total damage dealt by the DoT portion of this power should now match the initial hit.
    • Tyrannical Curse: Fixed an issue where damage was lost when using weapon enhancements.
    • Tyrannical Curse: No longer deals reduced damage when the target with Tyrannical Curse is affected by damage debuffs.
    • Tyrannical Curse no longer has reduced effectiveness against level 73 enemies.
    • Tyrannical Curse now increases damage by 25%, increased from 20%.
    • Tyrannical Curse: The damage done from this power should now correctly scale with Armor Penetration.
    • Vampiric Embrace: When consuming a Curse, this power now properly provides Temporary HP.
    • Wraith's Shadow should now correctly deal increased damage to targets affected by Warlock's Curse.
  • Scourge Warlock - Temptation Feat Update
    • Dev Note: We're hoping to make Temptation viable once more in the endgame environment. These changes, combined with the various class changes above, should hopefully get us closer to that goal.
    • Hope Stealer: Tooltip has been updated.
    • Dark Revelry: Tooltip has been updated.
    • Dark Revelry: This buff can now be refreshed while active.
    • Aura of Cruelty: Now also grants 10% Life Steal Severity.
    • Aura of Despair: Now also causes enemies to take 5% increased damage.
    • Darkness: Now causes enemies to take 10% increased damage from you.
    • Darkness: Tooltip updated to mention Harrowstorm (functionality unchanged).
    • Eldritch Momentum: This feat has been reworked and now triggers when a daily power is used.
    • Eldritch Momentum: This feat no longer grants Stamina to party members.
    • Eldritch Momentum: This feat now grants 1/2/3/4/5% Stamina when attacked.
    • Eldritch Momentum: This feat now grants combat advantage for 4/6/8/10/12 seconds (up from 4/5/6/7/8).
    • Soul Bonding: Allies now deal 20% increased damage to targets affected by your Warlock's Curse.
    • Soul Bonding: Now passively grants 10% Life Steal Chance.
    • Soul Bonding: Now causes Warlock's Bargain to heal nearby allies for the full amount.
  • Scourge Warlock - Damnation Feat Update
    • Dev note: While less has changed in this tree, we hope these changes may be enough to make Damnation more viable.
    • Ghastly Commander: Damage has been increased to 3/6/9/12/15%.
    • Ghastly Commander: Lifesteal Chance has been increased to 1/2/3/4/5% (up from 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2.0%).
  • Trickster Rogue
    • Duelist's Flurry can now trigger weapon enhancements with each hit against the target.
    • Gloaming Cut: This power's tooltip has been updated to clarify its functionality.  Functionality has not changed.
    • Impact Shot now deals approximately 20% more damage.
    • Impact Shot now calculates based on the correct amount of charges left; it had previously thought the player had fewer charges than they actually did.
    • Oppressive Darkness: An issue has been fixed where the rank-up values were providing much more damage than intended.  To compensate for this change, the base damage has been increased, and this power now scales with player stats.
    • Path of the Blade can now proc the Lostmauth's Vengeance effect.
    • Path of the Blade now procs weapon enchantments on the first hit only.
    • Path of the Blade now deals an extra tick of damage.
    • Path of the Blade now hits up to 5 targets, increased from 3.
    • Razor Action now has a 30' radius at rank 1, and no longer increases by 5' per rank.
    • Razor Action no longer deals Piercing damage.
    • Razor Action now scales with buffs / Power.
    • Razor Action: The artifact off-hand bonus for this power has been redesigned.  It now increases Damage and Run Speed by 2% for each target hit by Razor Action.
    • Shadow of Demise: This effect now only takes into account the damage dealt by the Trickster Rogue who applied it, even when several are applied at once.
    • Shadowborn: This feat has been changed to the following effect: Whenever you enter stealth, your next encounter or daily power deals an additional 5/10/15/20/25% damage as physical damage.
    • Shadowy Opportunity now deals 10/20/30/40/50% weapon damage, down from 20/40/60/80/100%, but now scales with player stats.
    • Sly Flourish now increases enemy damage taken by 10%, rather than reducing enemy armor.
    • Smoke Bomb now procs weapon enchantments on the first hit.
    • Smoke Bomb now deals an extra tick of damage.  Damage for each tick has been reduced to compensate for the extra tick.
    • Tenacious Concealment: This power now grants 20% Stealth Loss reduction and 5% Stealth Regeneration at each rank.
    • Tenacious Concealment: This power no longer grants Stealth Regeneration while taking damage.
    • Tenacious Concealment: Rank 4 of this power should now properly function.
    • Tenacious Concealment: The Artifact Off-hand bonus has been increased to 20% Stealth Loss reduction.


  • All Companion powers that taunt should now say so in their power descriptions.
  • Certain companions had more base stats than intended, and have had their stats lowered to match other, similar quality companions.
    • This affects the following companions: Erinyes, Netherese Warlock, Werewolf
  • Companions that teleport behind enemies will no longer teleport behind the Dragon Turtle in Sea of Moving Ice.
    • This affects the following companions: Blink Dog, Mercenary, Owl, Phase Spider, Shadow Demon, Xuna
  • Flying companions now have increased speed while the player is mounted.
  • Hawk and Owl companions now more consistently engage in battle when the player is in range of the enemy.
  • Makos: The tooltip for Meteor Blast is now more accurate to the damage it deals.
  • Shadow Demon: This companion's Active Companion Bonus now respects its 30-second cooldown, and now only affects a single strike.
  • Sprites now follow the player earlier when the player moves out of range.
  • The damage of the Active Bonuses for Lightfoot Thief and Renegade Evoker has been restored.
    • These had been inadvertently lowered in the item level rescaling of Module 11b: Shroud of Souls.
    • The tooltips have been updated to make it clear the damage scales based on your level, not the companion's.
  • The following adjustments and bugfixes have been made to the companion "Savage Allosaur."
    • The allosaur will now use overbite, its primary melee attack, significantly more often.
    • The hitbox on overbite has been increased such that this attack will land significantly more often.
    • The allosaur's AI has been adjusted such that it will move into an ideal position more quickly and frequently.
    • The allosaur will no longer leap away from its target as frequently.
    • The allosaur will no longer use tailwhip and overbite when no targets are within range.
    • The allosaur's turn rate has been increased and it is now capable of backing up.
  • Zhentarim Warlock: Hellfire Eruption now correctly deals AoE damage.
  • Zhentarim Warlock: Arcane Warpings has been replaced with Arcane Boost.  (This does not affect functionality.)

Enchantments and Enhancements

  • Feytouched Enchantment: This enchantment no longer procs multiple times from the same power.
  • Transcendent Lightning Enchantment: The Lightning Burst effect can now crit.


  • More mount flourish animations can now be interrupted by movement.


  • Dragonborn Fury: This passive racial power now has a shorter refresh time, so that when new gear is equipped, the power will update sooner with the updated stats applied.
  • Moon Elf, Half Elf, and Half Orc racial powers now have unique icons.
  • PvP: Health potion pickups no longer become unusable for the rest of the match if a stealthed rogue runs over them.
  • Several control powers have been adjusted to properly respect control resistances.
  • The Razortyrannus can no longer get stuck in a breath loop, or stuck doing nothing.
  • Trailing "new line" characters in many power names have been removed, allowing for more accurate combat log reporting.
  • Versatile Defense (Human): This passive racial power now has a smaller refresh time, so that when new gear is equipped, the power will update sooner with the updated stats applied.



Items and Economy

Artifacts and Artifact Weapons

  • Certain Artifact Weapons no longer incorrectly reduce in power when they upgrade quality.


  • Campaign tasks to create keys now award a key instantly, then go on cooldown.
  • Cloaked Ascendancy: The "Secure the District" and "Resist the Rituals" tasks no longer consume all of the player's excess currency.
  • Genie's Gifts can now purchase currencies for the Maze Engine and Storm King's Thunder.
  • Jungles of Chult: The Soshenstar Adventures task now properly shows its rewards before it's unlocked.


  • Wererat Thief: This companion can no longer incorrectly be bound when all Active and Idle Companion Slots are full.


  • Certain crafted potions now properly have the name "Potion" in their Profession tasks, rather than Elixir.
  • Masterwork resources no longer specify their source in their tooltips.
  • Masterwork Volume III recipe books are now available for purchase at Guild Hall rank 12, down from rank 14.
  • New Masterwork recipes are now available.

Masterwork Professions

  • The following adjustments have been made to the recipe for the Brightsilver Symbol:
    • The amount of fartouched residuum needed has been reduced from 5 to 1.
    • The number of brightsilver ingots needed has been reduced from 5 to 3.
    • The number of rubellites needed has been increased from 1 to 3.
  • The following adjustments have been made to the recipe for Fartouched Pact Blade:
    • The amount of fartouched residuum needed has been reduced from 5 to 1.
    • The amount of manticore felt needed has been reduced from 2 to 1.
    • The requirement of 2 titansteel ingots has been adjusted to 2 brightsilver ingots.
  • The following adjustments have been made to the recipe for Fartouched Orb:
    • The amount of fartouched residuum needed has been reduced from 5 to 1.
    • The amount of scintillant glass needed has been reduced from 4 to 2.
  • In accordance with these changes, the number and type of items returned in the case of a failure for these recipes has been adjusted.
  • Various typos have been addressed in Masterwork Professions.

Tomb of the Nine Gods

  • The chance for Ultimate Enchanting Stones to drop has been slightly increased.
  • The end chests no longer incorrectly show an extra, small, Chultan Riches reward.


  • Chultan Riches now indicate their held cap in their tooltip.
  • If an action should take you over the cap of Chultan Riches, it should now cause an error message to appear.
  • Dragoncache of the Protector now properly grants 80 Seals (up from 60).
  • Eternal Equipment Chest: Control Wizards, Devoted Clerics, and Great Weapon Fighters now properly receive gear for their own class instead of Guardian Fighters.
  • Fashion set boxes no longer pop a prompt for "equipping" them when used.
  • Potions and other similar items can now be bought in lots of up to 99, increased from 20.
    • More items can now be bought in bulk, too.
  • Primal Rings, from the Seal of the Brave store, now properly stack their buffs when the player wears two.
  • Refinement Points now show their maximum value in their tooltip.
  • Stronghold Vouchers from the Underdark Campaign no longer incorrectly state that they can give Astral Diamond vouchers.
  • Tarmalune Trade Bars now show their maximum value in their tooltip.
  • The bind-on-equip versions of various mounts and companions now properly complete Collection entries.
  • The bonus effect from the item "Hunter's Keffiyeh" no longer falls off when entering the skirmish, "The Merchant Prince's Folly."
  • The weekly lockout on obtaining Ostorian Tale Carvings has been removed.
  • Toy Apparatus of Gond: Players can no longer reset this item's cooldown under certain circumstances.

Zen Market

  • The experience granted by Experience Boosters has been reduced to fit the updated experience requirements from levels 60 to 70.
    • If a player has already consumed a booster before the patch, the boost will not be reduced.
  • Epic Experience Booster now costs 2000 Zen, reduced from 3000.
  • Standard Experience Boosters are no longer available in the Zen Market.
  • Frostborn and Warborn Key Bundles are no longer available in the Zen Market.
  • The Cloaked Ascendancy campaign completion token can now be purchased in the Zen Market for 3000 Zen.
  • The Storm King's Thunder campaign completion token now costs 2000 Zen, reduced from 3000.



User Interface

Character Sheet

  • Companion ratings should now appear correctly and accurately in the Companion Stats page.
  • Secondary Artifact slots no longer have a chance to appear in an unexpected location.

Character Sheet - Stats

  • A number of adjustments have been made to the phrasing and descriptions of stats appearing on the character sheet with the goal of unifying how certain concepts are referred to across the game. All stats continue to work the same way, these changes are to assist in identifying things that behave the same. As an example, a buff that "reduced damage taken by 10%" and "+10% damage resistance" on your character sheet meant the same thing, so we have unified the phrasing.
    • Damage Bonus is now referred to as "Damage Dealt" and will now appear under the "Offense and Healing" section instead of only appearing when highlighting the power rating.
    • Bonus Healing is now referred to as "Outgoing Healing" and will now appear under the "Offense and Healing" section instead of only appearing when highlighting the power rating.
    • Damage Resistance is now referred to as "Damage Taken" and the value displayed is now a negative number.
    • Resistance Ignored is now referred to as "Defenses Ignored" and no longer displays a negative sign. The tooltip specifies its relationship with reduction to damage taken.
    • The phrasing and capitalization of various terms in the tooltips on the character sheet have been adjusted for clarity and readability.


  • The auto-refine for Rough Astral Diamonds now clarifies that it only happens once per day.


  • The roster can now be sorted by Last Logout Time.


  • Rare Hunt critters now have an icon on their health bar.
  • Salvaging now properly shows a "Rough Astral Diamonds gained" notification in the corner of the screen.


  • A new Fashion bag has been added, replacing the Idle Companions tab in the Inventory UI.
    • Idle Companions storage can still be reached from the Companion UI.
    • All fashion gear currently in the player's inventory will automatically be moved to that bag on each character's first login after the patch.
    • Any excess over the starting limit of 24 will go into the Overflow Bag.
    • Fashion gear may still be auctioned (if unbound), mailed, placed into the bank, etc.
  • Double-click actions now work for Overflow Bag items if they would work for drag-and-drop.  Example: Placing the item in the first open Bank slot.
  • Items may now be dragged from the Overflow Bag onto a relevant inventory tab in order to place them into that tab (for example, fashion items into the Fashion Bag).
  • More error messages have been added for invalid actions in the Inventory and Bank.
  • Slotted Enchantments can no longer directly be destroyed from the item slot menu.
    • Players may still overwrite enchantments by attempting to slot another on top.
  • The context menu for items now includes "Protect Item" (or "Unprotect Item").  When an item is protected, it displays a small indicator on its icon, and cannot be sold, discarded, or converted to Refinement Points or Astral Diamonds.
  • The icons for Superior and Ultimate Enchanting Stones have been swapped, and now correspond more closely to their border color.
  • When receiving an item that grants a quest, a more obvious notification now appears.


  • The Journal now remembers which headings were expanded or minimized between sessions.
  • The Quest Path indicator now has a highlight if the primary quest was manually set.
  • There is now a shortcut to expand only the current zone's quests.
  • When opening the display options, the Search field now gains focus.
  • When selecting a campaign while the Sword Coast Chronicle window is open, focus now properly transfers to the SCC window.


  • Companions are now remembered in each loadout. Loadouts remember:
    • Companion equipment slots
    • Companion Skin
    • Currently summoned companion
    • After you have updated your companion's equipment and/or skin, you can use the 'Update in Loadouts' button to make those same changes in your other loadouts as well (if that companion is already used in those loadouts).
  • Mounts are now tracked in your loadouts. Loadouts remember:
    • Mount Skin
    • Mount powers
    • Mount movement
    • Stabled mounts
    • Insignas on stabled mounts
    • An 'Apply all Mounts to All Loadouts' button is provided, to copy your current mount configuration to all loadouts.


  • Mail from NPCs or the auction house can no longer be deleted if it still has items attached.
  • The Body field now automatically gains focus when replying to mail.
  • The Subject and Body fields now persist when swapping tabs.  (They will still disappear if the Mail window is closed.)

Quest Path

  • General improvements have been made to how the Quest Path decides where to go.
  • The primary quest no longer uses a red arrow icon when an instance quest or Heroic Encounter overrides its Quest Path.
  • When a custom waypoint is set somewhere that requires a transportation interaction, the Quest Path now properly leads to an appropriate door or portal.


  • 5v5 PvP matches now respect the "max 2 per class" rule in all expected cases.
  • Several backend changes have been made to the queue system.  As a result, the accept / decline popup will appear before the "Waiting for Map" step.

Search / Social

  • Guild Searches now return guilds that don't have recruiters online.  To support this, there is now a column showing how many recruiters are currently online.

Sword Coast Chronicle

  • Maze Engine campaign task headers are no longer visually stretched.


  • When selling items at particular stores, there is now an error message if the sale would cause the player to gain more of an item than they can hold.

Zen Market

  • Small preview images now extend fully to their border.
  • Super-long tooltips now display an abbreviated version if they would overflow the screen.



Art and Effects


  • Armored Griffon no longer shows up as a regular griffon during the summon animation.
  • Cancelling the Bulette mount spawn-in no longer leaves the player buried halfway into the ground.
  • Jumping as a Hunter Ranger no longer incorrectly causes weapons to appear in the character's hands.
  • Kenku Archer: This companion now properly draws their bow at appropriate times.
  • Skeleton Archers no longer run around with an arrow in their hand.
  • The "Heart Shape" emote now has visual effects.  <3
  • The "Sleep on Floor" emote now has visual effects.
  • Various lion, manticore, and griffon animation issues have been addressed.


  • The cauldron ambient audio in the Sage's Shop in Protector's Enclave no longer has quite pronounced low-end rumble.

Character Art

  • Bulette: This mount is no longer significantly smaller than usual during its summon and combat power animations.
  • Catapults no longer shrink suddenly when destroyed.
  • Dragonslayer Boots now properly display on female characters.
  • Griefstone Circlet now properly displays on female characters.
  • The models for bear mounts have been updated.

Visual Effects

  • Baphomet: The warning effect of Wall of Stone now lasts 2 seconds, down from 2.5, to match the time the power takes effect.
  • Campfire ground effects no longer have a chance to crawl up walls.
  • Conjured Horse: Snowflakes no longer show up in the summon effect of this mount.
  • Eye of the Giant: Ranks 1-3 of the activated power now use the proper color visual effect.
  • Icy Terrain's VFX no longer sometimes play twice.
  • Many ground effects have had minor optimizations to improve performance.
  • Protector's Enclave: The visual effect of the major invocation area no longer clips through the ground.
  • Smoke pillar environmental effects should no longer draw over power effects.
  • Stormraider Clydesdale: The summon effect now properly includes a portal.
  • The damage indicator that follows players for enemy powers such as Storvald's "Hailburst" has been visually updated to be easier to spot.
  • The soak damage indicator used for enemy powers such as Drufi and Storvald's "Hypothermia" has been visually updated to be easier to spot.
  • Yeth Hound: The eye glow no longer disappears when the camera is close.

Class Powers

  • Control Wizard
    • Ray of Enfeeblement (Spell Mastery): When enemies move, the visual effect of this power no longer stays behind.
  • Devoted Cleric
    • Guardian of Faith: The animation no longer pops after the cast.
  • Hunter Ranger
    • Plant Growth: The animation no longer shows a bowstring and arrows.
  • Oathbound Paladin
    • Bond of Virtue should now appear more consistently on uneven surfaces.
  • Scourge Warlock
    • Gates of Hell: The ground effect of this power no longer has a chance to draw long lines that stretch away.
    • Pillar of Power: The ground effect of this power should be less likely to obscure warning effects, and no longer flickers.



Foundry (once it's back up and running)


  • The Chult intro map, Heart of Darkness, is now available for use in Foundry quests.
  • Port Nyanzaru is now available for use as an instanced map in Foundry quests.
  • Various Chult instances have been added for use in Foundry quests.
  • Various Chult props have been added for use in Foundry quests.
  • Various in-game mail originating from the Foundry now properly links to the current Terms of Service page.



Graphics, Performance, and Stability


  • A small memory leak in the Zen Market has been addressed.
  • Improvements have been made to game performance while a large number of characters are on the screen.




  • Certain voice lines for Drufi in Fangbreaker Island are now properly audible when playing in the German locale.



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