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2x Enchantments & Runes and 15% off All!

By Julia (nitocris83) | Thu 31 Aug 2017 07:30:00 AM PDT

This weekend, we’ll be having a 2x Enchantments and Runestones event! During this time frame, receive double the amount of Enchantments or Runestones you would normally get wherever you are in the game. In addition, Lord Neverember has decreed that everything in the Zen Market be 15% off!

2x Event and 15% off All starts Thursday, August 31 at 10am PT

2x Event and 15% off All ends Tuesday, September 5 at 10am PT

With all of the amazing Enchantments and Runestones available in Neverwinter, this weekend will be the best opportunity to upgrade your weapon or your last piece of armor! Mark your calendars, adventurers. 

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