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Patch Notes: Version: NW.80.20170515e.5

By Julia (nitocris83)
Wed 31 May 2017 04:53:27 PM PDT

Release Notes

Content and Environment

River District

  • The lower-difficulty Heroic Encounters are now less likely to become stuck.



  • The Hunter Ranger tutorial once again properly states to use Shift to activate the shift power.
  • Several general issues observed in Sea of Moving Ice since Shroud of Souls release have been addressed.



Combat and Powers


  • Stationary enemy line and breath attacks no longer incorrectly turn to track the targeted player.


User Interface

Auction House

  • Auction House: More Stronghold items now properly show up in the appropriate Auction House category.



  • The "Auto-Decline Alliance Invites" setting is now in the "Information" tab, rather than the "Alliance" settings, as the Alliance settings are only accessible while in an Alliance.



  • When swapping loadouts, items now swap into their replacements' inventory slots.



  • After selling fish, vendors no longer incorrectly ask for stack counts for unstackable items.


Graphics and Visuals


  • Certain objects no longer appear to shrink into nothingness when the player character moves away from them.


Performance and Stability


  • Further changes have been made to support the investigation into the Device Removed crashes.
  • These changes may improve stability for players affected by these crashes.


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