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Patch Notes: Version: NW.70.20161205a.9

By Julia (nitocris83)
Wed 11 Jan 2017 05:12:22 PM PST


Dungeon Key Changes

With all the player feedback from the initial Dungeon Key Changes announcement, we delayed the change in order to bundle it with a significant update to endgame dungeon rewards.  Among those improvements are:

  • New (and some returning) rewards
  • Improved drop rates on certain rare items
  • Freed-up inventory space with a new "Useful Items" tab


Details about this feature can be found in the Developer Blog!



Release Notes

Content and Environment


  • The collision on the ornamental tusks attached to pillars in Svardborg has been removed.



Combat and Powers


  • Augmented Thayan Bastion can no longer set up a potential infinite loop of reflected damage.

Classes and Balance

  • Hunter Ranger
    • Plant Growth now correctly ticks 4 times; previously, it dealt its damage over fewer damage ticks than it should have.
    • Plant Growth now roots players for half its duration, rather than full.
    • Split the Sky now properly activates effects that are triggered by Encounter powers.
  • Oathbound Paladin
    • The following powers now correctly generate Divine Energy for Divine Call: Absolution, Circle of Power, Relentless Avenger, Bond of Virtue, Banishment, and Binding Oath.
    • Vow of Emnity no longer needs to be toggled on and off. It is now an activateable debuff with a 10 second duration and cooldown.
  • Trickster Rogue
    • Impossible to Catch can once again properly be used instantly without breaking at-will combos.


  • The Shadow Demon companion's outgoing damage output has been adjusted to be more in line with other companions.


  • Moonbear: This mount's Insignia combination has been changed to Barbed / Illuminated / Illuminated.
    • This addresses an issue where it did not have any viable Insignia combinations.
    • Previously slotted insignias will remain slotted in this mount.  They can be removed and replaced normally.


  • Manticores no longer sometimes become temporarily stuck after the second blizzard phase elapses.
  • Storvald's "Call of Winter" and "Hailburst" powers can no longer hit players in the safe area outside the arena.


  • The Celestial Golden Lion's mount power, Aureal Armament, now properly functions against the Dragon Turtle in Fangbreaker Island.



Items and Economy


  • Eye of the Giant: This artifact's tooltip text has been shortened.  No changes have been made to its functionality.

Enchantments and Runestones

  • Transcendent Frostburn Enchantment now correctly states its 20% chance to trigger in its tooltip.


  • Marks of Uvar now correctly state that they can be found in the Storm Giants Reputation chest, rather than Serissa's Reputation chest.



User Interface


  • Typing /trade now properly changes the chat channel to trade without leaving the word "trade" in the chat entry field.
    • /wtt, /wtb, and /wts will still leave their respective strings in the chat entry field.


  • Artifacts: The Collection value of the Epic quality Horn of Valhalla is now 9, reduced from 18.  This is now in line with other similar artifacts.
  • Companions: Manticore and Frozen Galeb Duhr are now in the Companions collection.


  • The names for the Reel actions now include the word "Hold."  This should make it clearer that the player is intended to hold the key instead of tap it.
  • While the player is holding a Reel action, there is now an overlay on the icon to make it clear that the game has recognized the button press / hold.


  • Certain targetable objects no longer draw a red square instead of a targeting highlight.

Items and Inventory

  • Item tooltips no longer occasionally show their flavor text twice in a single tooltip.


  • When hovering over currencies required for Profession tasks, the tooltip now properly displays the required currency value rather than just 0.



Graphics, Animation, and Audio


  • The Apprentice Healer companion has had their sound volume lowered, and the randomization between their comments has been adjusted.
  • The Brightness setting now properly re-enables itself when playing in Windowed mode, if the player changes focus to a different program, then back to Neverwinter.
  • The Gelatinous Cube mount has had its sound volume lowered.
  • The Manticore companion now plays its flavor animation less frequently.
  • The Manticore companion has had its sound volume lowered, and its timbre has been adjusted.
  • The Silverback Bear mount now properly has audio on its flourish animation.
  • Various classes have had certain power audio adjusted.  Primarily, certain frequent-use At-Wills with "roar" or "battle cry" type sounds have been adjusted to instead use a grunt more appropriate to a quick attack.
  • When playing their flourish animation, horses' whinnies are now more consistent in sound.



Performance and Stability


  • The audio system has had a backend update to resolve some known crashes.
  • The outdated driver warning no longer calls out old 32-bit drivers if the system is 64-bit and has newer 64-bit drivers installed.
  • Resizing the window while streaming patch data during gameplay no longer crashes the client.
  • Various graphics crashes have been addressed.
  • Various server-side memory leaks have been addressed.

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